How To Save an Image From Google Docs on Mac

Google Docs is a fantastic tool for collaboration. However, obtaining photos that have been posted to the document is more complicated than it has to be. Thanks to a simple method shown below, the original photographs can be downloaded to your Mac computer with relative ease.

Even though you can’t download individual photographs from Google Docs (or, at the very least, not easily), you can export the entire collection at once. To accomplish this, download your Google Docs document as a compressed web page in the HTML format, with any additional content (such as photographs) being saved separately.

Following these instructions will suffice.

1. Open the Google Docs document that contains the photographs you desire to download and click on the Download button. File > Download > Web Page can be accessed from the top menu bar (.html, zipped).

2. After a few seconds, Google Docs will save your document as a zip file. Just open Downloads in the file explorer, and double click the file. Then, the blue documents will appear.

3. If you extract the contents, you’ll see that your document has been saved as an HTML file, with any images that were part of it saved in a separate folder called “Images.” In Google Docs, images you download are saved as JPGs with sequential file names (image1.jpg, image2.jpg, and so on) that aren’t always in the same order.

Once the images have been downloaded, you can change them and put them back into your document. Or, you can use them somewhere else. It’s your turn now. Easy, right?