How to Reduce Header Size in Google Docs

822406 How to Reduce Header Size in Google Docs

Having properly sized headers in your Google Docs documents is important for readability and visual appeal. Oversized headers can make your text look unbalanced and amateurish. Fortunately, adjusting header sizes in Google Docs is easy. Here are some tips for reducing header sizes for a sleek, professional look.

Use the Default Header Styles

Google Docs comes with preset header styles from H1 to H6 that decrease in size sequentially. Using these default header styles creates visual hierarchy and organization.

  • H1 is reserved for the title/main heading
  • H2 headings for major sections
  • H3 headings for subsections
  • H4-H6 for deeper levels of subsections

Sticking to this logical structure helps control relative header sizes, promoting clarity. Headings only 1-2 sizes apart is ideal.

Adjust Top Margins

Increasing the top margin equally reduces the vertical space for headers.

To adjust:

  • Click File > Page setup
  • Under Margins, click Custom
  • Increase the Top margin size

This gives headers less room, forcing a smaller size.

Use the Ruler

The ruler tool lets you manually control header size by dragging.

To access:

  • Ensure ruler is visible from View > Show ruler
  • Click inside the header
  • Drag the double arrow icon on the ruler up to reduce header size

Reset Individual Headers

To reset specific oversized headers without affecting others:

  • Select the header text
  • Click the header style icon under Paragraph styles (e.g. Normal text, Heading 1)

Set a Default Header Size

To prevent inconsistent headers on new docs:

  • Create a template with desired header sizes
  • Click File > Save as template
  • Check Make this the default template

Customize the Normal Text Style

Adjusting the normal text size affects scaling of headers.

To edit:

  • Click the Paragraph styles icon
  • Next to Normal text, click the edit pencil
  • Adjust Font size

Use Markdown Headers

In the Preferences menu, enable Automatically detect Markdown. This allows Markdown formatting like:

# Heading 1
## Heading 2 
### Heading 3

Headings will resize automatically based on the number of # symbols used.


Adjusting header sizes in Google Docs is simple with styles, rulers, margins, templates, and Markdown. A balanced visual hierarchy makes documents look clean and professional. Heading sizes should suit the surrounding body text.