How to Make T Chart in Google Docs

280007 How to Make T Chart in Google Docs

A T chart is a useful graphic organizer to visually compare two facets of a topic. With Google Docs, you can easily create T charts to help organize and analyze information.

This article provides step-by-step instructions to make a T chart in Google Docs, along with tips to customize and format your chart.

What is a T Chart

A T chart, also called a T-table, is shaped like the letter “T”. It consists of:

  • A vertical or horizontal line dividing into two columns
  • Headings at the top of each column
  • Information organized into the columns below the headings

T charts allow you to:

  • Compare two items side-by-side, like products, concepts, solutions
  • Separate information into categories
  • Visually analyze relationships between data
  • Show before-and-after scenarios
  • List pros and cons of a decision

Common uses of T charts include:

  • Comparing book characters
  • Analyzing strengths and weaknesses
  • Organizing research
  • Outlining decisions
  • Tracking changes over time

Insert a T Chart in Google Docs

Follow these simple steps to insert a T chart into a Google Doc:

  1. Open Google Docs and create a blank document
  2. Click Insert > Table
  3. Under “Rows” and “Columns” input 2
  4. Click Insert to add a 2×2 table

This creates the basic T chart structure. Next, we’ll format it.

Format the T Chart

To turn the 2×2 table into a T chart:

  1. Type headings at the top of each column
  2. Highlight the vertical border line
  3. Set border width to 4.5 pt for contrast
  4. Center align the table on the page

Here are more ideas to customize your T chart:

  • Change border color: Select table border > choose color
  • Add background color: Select table cells > choose color fill
  • Adjust cell padding: Increase spacing in cells
  • Merge cells: Combine column heads into one cell

Add Content to the T Chart

With your formatted T chart ready, add content to analyze:

  • Type or paste text into the columns
  • Add images by inserting pictures
  • Insert links to external sources
  • Include citations to properly attribute sources

As you input information into the T chart, it will automatically wrap and resize.

Tips for Using T Charts Effectively

Keep these tips in mind to create better T charts:

  • Use clear headings to define the categories
  • Ensure the content matches the headings
  • Be consistent when comparing data sets
  • Include citations for facts and statistics
  • Summarize key learnings in a paragraph below

Common Uses of T Charts

Here are some ways you can apply T charts in Google Docs:

  • Compare product features
  • List pros and cons for a decision
  • Show before and after process improvement
  • Analyze a book or movie by plot and themes
  • Track daily or weekly metrics

T charts are versatile for organizing data, so explore creative ways to implement them.

I hope these instructions help you learn how to easily create and format T charts using Google Docs. Let me know if you have any other questions!