How to Insert Emoji in Google Docs

777323 How to Insert Emoji in Google Docs

Do you want to add some fun emoji icons to your Google Docs but don’t know where to start? Adding emoji to Docs is easy once you know how. In this simple guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to insert emoji into Google Docs with just a few clicks.

Why Use Emoji in Google Docs

Before we jump in, let’s first go over some of the benefits of using emoji in Docs:

  • Make your documents more visual and fun
  • Express emotions that are hard to convey in words alone
  • Break up long blocks of text
  • Highlight important points
  • Engage your readers

So if you want to add some 🤩 to your Docs, then keep reading!

Step 1: Open Your Google Doc & Place Cursor Where You Want the Emoji

First, open the Google Doc where you want to add an emoji. You can open an existing doc or start a new one.

Once it’s open, place your cursor where you want the emoji to be inserted. You can always move it later if you change your mind on the placement.

Step 2: Click “Insert” > “Emoji”

At the top of Docs, click the Insert menu. From the drop-down options, select Emoji.

Insert emoji menu in Google Docs

This will open up the emoji picker box.

Step 3: Search or Scroll to Find the Emoji You Want

In the emoji picker, you have two options to find the emoji you want:

  1. Search: Type a keyword like “smile” in the search bar to show relevant emoji.
  2. Scroll: Use your mouse or arrow keys to scroll through the various emoji categories until you find the one you want.

Once you locate the perfect emoji, click on it to add it to your document.

Searching and selecting an emoji in Google Docs

And that’s it! The emoji will now appear in your document wherever your text cursor was placed.

Pro Tip: Use the ‘@’ Shortcut for Faster Emoji Insertion

For an even faster way to add emoji, use the ‘@’ shortcut:

  1. Type ‘@’ in your document
  2. Start entering the name of the emoji you want
  3. Select the emoji from the options that appear

So for example, if you type ‘@smile’ and hit Enter, you’ll get emoji options related to smiling faces pop up. Choose the one you want, and boom 😄 it’s added to your doc!

Additional Options for Adding Emoji

Here are two other quick ways to insert emoji into Google Docs:

  • Add as Special Characters: Open the Insert > Special Characters menu and switch to the Emoji tab. This lets you browse in sections by emoji category.
  • Draw the Emoji: In the Special Characters box, switch to the Draw tab. Doodle the emoji, and matching options will appear!

Start Sprinkling Some Fun Emoji Into Your Docs!

Adding emoji to Google Docs takes just a few quick clicks. Now that you know how to easily insert them, it’s time to start sprinkling in some fun icons!

Emoji help lighten the mood, express ideas visually, highlight key points, and boost engagement. So go ahead – add some 🤗 💃 🎉 to your next Google Doc!

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