How to Insert a Signature in Microsoft Word

844397 How to Insert a Signature in Microsoft Word

Adding a signature to a Word document conveys authenticity and importance. Microsoft Word provides several methods to insert signatures, including handwritten, images, digital, and reusable signatures. This comprehensive guide covers all signature types in Word.

Why Add a Signature in Word

Signing a Word document:

  • Adds a personal touch and conveys the importance of the content
  • Provides authenticity for formal documents like contracts
  • Allows collecting legally-binding e-signatures

Word signatures can be formatted to include additional details like name, title, company, date, etc.

Handwritten Signature

To create a handwritten signature in Word:

Insert Signature Image

  1. Sign a paper and take a picture or scan your signature
  2. Insert the image in Word (Insert > Pictures)
  3. Crop and optimize the image

Pros: Simple, quick method

Cons: Not legally binding

Draw Signature

  1. Click Insert > Drawing > Draw with Touch/Mouse/Pen
  2. Draw your signature with your mouse, touchscreen, or pen device

Pros: Looks handwritten, easy to redo

Cons: Can look unprofessional if not drawn neatly

Digital Signature

To create a digital signature in Word:

  1. Click Insert > Signature Line
  2. Fill in signer details and signing instructions
  3. Double click the signature line to sign
  4. Select certificate and sign with your digital ID

Pros: Legally-binding, professional

Cons: Requires digital ID certificate

Reusable Signature

To create a reusable signature in Word:

  1. Insert your signature image/drawing
  2. Select the signature, right click, and choose “Save Selection as AutoText”
  3. Give it a name and save
  4. Insert it anywhere by selecting Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText

Pros: Saves time, retains formats

Cons: Not legally-binding

Tips for Optimal Signatures

Follow these tips:

  • Use high resolution images for clarity
  • Re-sign if you edit the document after signing
  • Add signer details like name, title, date etc.
  • Place signatures above date and closing lines

Use markdown formatting like headings, lists, and bold text. Include images and videos if allowed.

Signature FAQs

Can I sign a Word document on my phone?

Yes, insert handwritten or digital signatures on Word mobile apps. Or upload signature images from your phone.

Where is the signature line in Word?

Find it by clicking Insert > Signature Line. Or draw signatures anywhere with the Draw tool.

How do I create an electronic signature?

Use the digital signature option by selecting a digital ID certificate. Or upload a signature image electronically.


Adding signatures in Word lends authenticity to documents and allows collecting legally-binding e-signatures. Use the handwritten, digital, images and reusable signatures in Word seamlessly by following the steps in this guide. Signing Word documents before transmitting is now easy, quick and efficient.

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