How to Duplicate a Page in Microsoft Word

642026 How to Duplicate a Page in Microsoft Word

Duplicating a page in Microsoft Word allows you to reuse content while saving time rewriting or reformatting. Whether you need an extra page for a brochure, repeating headers, or duplicate signatory blocks, copying a page takes just a few clicks.

Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to duplicating a single page or multi-page selection in Word on Windows and Mac.

Why Duplicate a Page?

Duplicating a page can be useful for:

  • Creating templates and formatting standards
  • Adding extra pages to documents
  • Repeating headers, footers, or blocks of text
  • Saving signatory blocks with electronic signatures
  • Copying tables, images, text boxes, and other elements
  • Developing a consistent look and feel throughout a document

Copying an existing page saves the effort of recreating the layout and formatting from scratch.

What Gets Duplicated?

When you duplicate a page in Word, everything gets copied, including:

  • Text formatting like fonts, sizes, colors
  • Paragraph formatting like line spacing, indentation
  • Tables, images, text boxes, and other elements
  • Page numbering
  • Headers and footers

The duplicate will be an exact copy to start. You can then edit the new page separately without affecting the original content.

Step 1: Select the Page to Copy

To duplicate a page in Word, first click at the start of the page and highlight the content you want to copy:

For a single page:

  • Click at the top of the page, hold down the mouse button, and drag down to the bottom of the page to select all of the text and elements.

For multiple pages:

  • Click at the start of the first page. Hold down CTRL as you click at the bottom of the last page in the selection. This will highlight the text across multiple pages.

Step 2: Copy the Page

With the page contents selected, copy it:

On Windows:

  • Press CTRL+C
  • Or right-click the selection and click Copy

On Mac:

  • Press ⌘+C
  • Or go to Edit > Copy in the menu ribbon

Step 3. Insert a New Blank Page

Position your cursor where you want the duplicate page to be inserted:

  • Click at the end of the page before where you want the new page added
  • Go to Insert > Blank Page in the menu ribbon

A new blank page will be created at that point in the document.

Step 4. Paste the Copied Page

With the blank page created, paste the copied content:

On Windows:

  • Press CTRL+V
  • Or right-click and select Paste

On Mac:

  • Press ⌘+V
  • Or go to Edit > Paste in the menu ribbon

The pasted selection will appear as an exact duplicate on the new page.

Duplicating a Single Page Document

For short, single page Word documents, duplicating the one page is even easier.

Select and copy all of the content at once instead of highlighting a portion of the text:

On Windows and Mac:

  • Press CTRL+A or ⌘+A to select everything
  • Copy with CTRL+C or ⌘+C
  • Paste with CTRL+V or ⌘+V

This will paste a duplicate of the entire document contents below the original on the same page.

Duplicating Pages in a PDF Document

You can use the same process to duplicate pages when working with PDF files:

  1. Open the PDF document
  2. Select the page contents
  3. Copy and paste the selection into the PDF editor to duplicate the page

This allows reusing pages when developing PDF booklets, menus, forms, and other documents.

Tips for Managing Duplicate Pages

When duplicating pages in Word, keep these tips in mind:

  • Edit first: Make any changes to the original page before duplicating so you don’t have to edit each copy.
  • Copy once, paste many: No need to keep copying over and over. Copy once then paste to create multiple duplicates.
  • Break the link: To edit duplicates separately without changing the original, break the link to the initial page after pasting by going to Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text.
  • Watch the layout: If duplicating pages with images or tables, check that the layout and formatting carry over correctly.
  • Delete duplicates: Right-click unwanted pages and select Delete Page to remove duplicates you don’t need anymore.

Following these simple steps will allow you to quickly and efficiently duplicate pages in Word. Reuse content while maintaining consistent formatting and layouts with minimal effort.

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