How to Delete a Page in Google Docs in 3 Different Ways

125250 How to Delete a Page in Google Docs in 3 Different Ways

Google Docs is a popular word processing application that makes it easy to create, edit, and collaborate on documents. However, you may sometimes need to delete a page from your document for various reasons. Here are three different methods to delete a page in Google Docs:

Delete Text or Images

The easiest way to delete a page is to simply delete all the text or images on that page:

  • Highlight all the text and images on the page you want to delete by clicking and dragging your mouse over the content
  • Press the Backspace or Delete key to remove the highlighted content
  • The page will be automatically deleted since there is no more content on it


  • Very quick and straightforward
  • Works for pages with content


  • Permanently deletes text/images, cannot undo

Remove Page Breaks

You can delete blank pages by removing the page breaks:

  • Go to View > Show Print Layout to display page breaks
  • Click on the page break below the blank page and press Backspace
  • The page break will be removed, deleting the blank page


  • Allows fine-tuning of page layout
  • Non-destructive, doesn’t delete content


  • Only works for blank pages

Adjust Page Margins

Changing the page margins can help delete pages by fitting more text per page:

  • Go to File > Page Setup
  • Reduce margins under Margins & Orientation section
  • Text from subsequent pages will shift backwards
  • Delete any remaining blank pages using steps above


  • Flexible way to delete multiple pages
  • Retains all text


  • Can be more time-consuming
  • May affect formatting of document

When You Cannot Delete a Page

In some cases, you may not be able to delete a page in Google Docs:

  • If the page contains certain elements like tables or images that cannot be deleted for formatting reasons
  • When sections in your document prevent the page from being deleted
  • Due to Google Docs issues like bugs or glitches

In these cases, try the following fixes:

  • Copy the content on the page and paste it elsewhere, then delete the troublesome page
  • Try deleting the page in the Google Docs mobile app or web browser
  • Refresh the browser, close and reopen the document
  • Report the issue to Google for further troubleshooting

Best Practices When Deleting Pages

Follow these best practices when deleting pages in Google Docs:

  • Create backups before making deletions so you can restore if something goes wrong
  • Review your changes in print layout view mode to ensure pages deleted properly
  • Communicate with collaborators so they are aware of deleted sections
  • Export a PDF occasionally to retain an archive with all versions
  • Be cautious when deleting large sections to avoid damaging document structure


Deleting unnecessary pages helps improve document organization and readability. By following the appropriate method for your needs, you can easily remove blank, unwanted or redundant pages in Google Docs. Just remember to exercise caution, follow best practices, and troubleshoot when pages cannot be deleted.

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