How to Add Section Break in Google Docs

122697 How to Add Section Break in Google Docs

A section break in Google Docs allows you to divide your document into distinct sections, with each section having its own layout and formatting.

Some common reasons to use section breaks:

  • Apply different headers, footers or page numbers to different parts of the document
  • Change page orientation (portrait/landscape) for certain sections
  • Customize margins for specific sections

Benefits of Using Section Breaks

  • Improves structure and organization
  • Allows flexible formatting
  • Enhances readability

Section breaks are an useful for creating professional, polished documents.

Types of Section Breaks

There are two main types of section breaks in Google Docs:

Continuous Section Break

A continuous section break divides the text within a page. The new section appears immediately after the break on the same page.

Page Break Section

A page break section starts the new section on the next page. It forces a page break before the start of the new section.

How to Insert a Section Break

Adding a section break in Google Docs is simple:

  1. Open the Google Docs document
  2. Place cursor where you want the break
  3. Click Insert > Break
  4. Select break type:
    • Continuous – To divide text within same page
    • Page Break Section – To start section on next page

Here is a step-by-step guide with images:

Step 1: Open Google Docs Document

Open an existing document or create a new one where you want to add section breaks:

Open Google Doc

Step 2: Place Cursor at Break Point

Determine where you want to divide the document and place cursor at that point:

Place cursor

Step 3: Click Insert > Break

In top menu, click Insert then select Break:

Insert Break

Step 4: Choose Section Break Type

Select the type of section break you need:

  • Continuous – To break text within same page
  • Page Break Section – To start section on next page

Select Break Type

The section break will now be inserted in the Google Doc.

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you can easily add section breaks to divide your document into distinct sections in Google Docs.

Removing Section Breaks

To remove an unwanted section break:

  1. Enable View > Show Section Breaks to see section breaks
  2. Place cursor before the break
  3. Press Backspace to remove break

Remove Section Breaks

And the section break will be deleted from your document.

Tips for Using Section Breaks Effectively

Here are some tips to use section breaks effectively:

  • Use judiciously – Only add breaks when necessary to avoid clutter
  • Review formatting – Ensure correct headers/footers in each section
  • Check page layout – Verify no awkward page or line breaks
  • Simplify sections – Merge sections if formatting becomes complex
  • Add navigational aids – Use page numbers, links, bookmarks

Following these best practices will help you optimize section breaks to create professional documents.


Section breaks are useful for dividing Google Docs into logical parts with customized layouts. By inserting continuous or page break sections at the right spots, you can enhance document structure and formatting.

Just remember to place the cursor, click Insert > Break, select the type of break, and remove breaks easily if required. Use them judiciously and optimize sections to craft polished, publication-ready documents.

So start utilizing section breaks to level up your Docs game today!

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