How to Set up an APA Format Paper in Google Docs

823147 How to Set up an APA Format Paper in Google Docs

Setting up a paper in APA format using Google Docs is easy thanks to built-in formatting options and templates. Follow these steps:

Choose an Accessible Font

APA recommends using a font that is accessible to all readers, such as:

  • Times New Roman 12pt
  • Arial 11pt
  • Georgia 11pt
  • Calibri 11pt

Ensure the font is consistent throughout the entire paper.

Double Space the Entire Paper

APA format requires double spacing throughout, including:

  • Body text
  • Block quotes
  • Reference list
  • Tables and figures

To double space in Google Docs:

  1. Click Format
  2. Select Line spacing
  3. Choose Double

Set 1 Inch Margins

The margin settings for APA format are:

  • Top: 1 inch
  • Bottom: 1 inch
  • Left: 1 inch
  • Right: 1 inch

To change margins in Google Docs:

  1. Click File
  2. Select Page setup
  3. Set all margins to 1 inch

Indent First Line of Paragraphs

The first line of every paragraph in an APA paper should be indented 0.5 inches.

To set a first line indent in Google Docs:

  1. Click Format
  2. Select Align & indent
  3. Under Indentation options, choose First line and set to 0.5 inches

Add Page Numbers

Include a page number on every page, starting with 1 on the title page. Page numbers go in the top right corner.

To insert page numbers in Google Docs:

  1. Click Insert
  2. Select Page numbers
  3. Choose a style and alignment

Format Headings Properly

APA uses specific heading formats:

Level 1 Heading

Centered, Bold, Title Case

Level 2 Heading

Flush Left, Bold, Title Case

Level 3 Heading

Flush Left, Bold Italic, Title Case

To format headings in Google Docs, highlight the heading text and use the formatting toolbar.

Use an APA Template

The easiest way to setup APA format is to start with an APA template. Google Docs includes templates for:

  • APA 6th edition
  • APA 7th edition

To access the templates:

  1. Open Google Docs
  2. Click Template gallery
  3. Scroll down to the Education section
  4. Select the desired APA template

The template will contain dummy text formatted properly so you can start writing immediately. Simply delete the dummy text and insert your own content.

Proofread Carefully

Be sure to carefully proofread your final paper to check for proper APA formatting before turning it in. Pay extra attention to:

  • Font style and size
  • Line spacing
  • Margins
  • Indentations
  • Page numbers
  • Headings

Correct any formatting issues to ensure your paper conforms perfectly to APA guidelines.

Following these steps will make setting up an APA paper in Google Docs simple. Leverage the built-in tools and take advantage of pre-formatted templates to save time and ensure accuracy. Review the American Psychological Association’s website for additional guidance on APA standards. With attention to detail and proofreading, you’ll have a properly formatted paper ready for submission.

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