How Microsoft Word Can Be Your Favorite Markdown Editor

569240 How Microsoft Word Can Be Your Favorite Markdown Editor

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to format plain text documents for the web. With its simple syntax and wide compatibility, Markdown has become a popular format for writing content like blog posts, documentation, and readme files.

While there are many dedicated Markdown editors available, you can also use Microsoft Word to write and edit Markdown documents conveniently. In this article, I will show you how Microsoft Word can be an excellent Markdown editor with its user-friendly interface and handy features.


Before we get into the steps, you need to have the following:

Microsoft Word

Any recent version of Microsoft Word will work, including Word online. The latest versions have built-in Markdown conversion and preview.

Writage Plugin

To enable full Markdown support in Word, you need to install the Writage plugin. This handy (and affordable) plugin adds a Markdown ribbon to Word for applying Markdown formatting.

Steps to Use Microsoft Word as a Markdown Editor

Follow these simple steps to start using Word as your favorite Markdown editor:

1. Install the Writage Plugin

Download and install the Writage plugin on your computer. Make sure you have admin access first. After installing, restart Word to activate the plugin.

2. Open or Create a Markdown Document

In Word, go to File > New to start a new Markdown document. To open an existing .md file, use File > Open. The Writage plugin allows Word to recognize .md files.

3. Use the Markdown Ribbon

You will now see a “Writage” tab in the Word ribbon. Use this to apply all kinds of Markdown formatting like headers, bold, lists, links, images, etc.

4. Preview Markdown

To preview how your Markdown will render, click the “Preview” button in the Writage tab. You can toggle between edit and preview mode.

5. Export Markdown File

When done, use File > Save As to save your document as a .md file. You can also export to other formats like PDF directly from Word.

Key Benefits of Using Microsoft Word as a Markdown Editor

Here are some notable benefits of using Word as your Markdown editor:

Familiar Interface

Since most people already use Word, the learning curve for Markdown is gentle. You don’t have to learn another new piece of software.

Powerful Editing Features

You can leverage all of Word’s editing capabilities like spell check, word count, find-and-replace, document map, etc. while writing Markdown.

Live Preview

The ability to switch between edit and preview modes allows you to fine-tune formatting visually to see the rendered output side-by-side.

Collaboration Features

Share and collaborate on Markdown docs with others by using Word’s built-in sharing, comments, version history and other features.

Easy Conversion

The plugin takes care of Markdown conversion allowing you to seamlessly open, edit and save Markdown files in Word without worrying about syntax.

So if you love using Word for writing already, the Writage plugin can transform it into a very capable Markdown editor instantly. Give it a try today!

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