Where Is Add-ons in Google Docs

77116 Where Is Add-ons in Google Docs

Google Docs add-ons are extensions that add extra features and functionality to Google Docs. They allow you to customize and enhance your documents beyond what the default Google Docs offers.

Finding the Add-ons Menu

To access add-ons in Google Docs, you need to open the add-ons menu. Here are the steps:

On Desktop

  1. Open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides
  2. Click Extensions > Add-ons in the top menu bar
  3. Click Get add-ons to browse available add-ons

On Android

  1. Open a document or spreadsheet in the Google Docs or Sheets app
  2. Tap the More menu (3 dots icon)
  3. Tap Add-ons to view currently installed add-ons
  4. Tap Get add-ons to browse available add-ons

So the add-ons menu is located under the Extensions menu at the top of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on desktop. On mobile, it’s found in the More menu.

Installing Add-ons

Once you locate the add-ons menu, you can browse and install add-ons to enhance Google Docs. Here are the steps:

  1. Click an add-on to read its description and reviews
  2. Click Install and then Continue
  3. Read and accept the permissions to allow access
  4. The add-on will install and appear in your sidebar
  5. Click Done when finished

On Android, after tapping an add-on, you also need to tap Install in the Google Play Store to download it. Then open Google Docs again to use the installed add-on.

Using Add-ons

To use an installed add-on in Google Docs:

  1. Open a document
  2. Click Add-ons > [Add-on Name]
  3. Select a feature to launch the add-on
  4. Follow any setup prompts
  5. Start using the extra capabilities!

On Android, tap the add-on in the list to launch it after installing.

Add-ons will appear in your sidebar, adding options and features based on what the specific add-on offers. The steps to actually utilize them vary.

Managing Add-ons

You can manage your add-ons at any time:

On Desktop

  1. Click Extensions > Add-ons > Manage add-ons
  2. Click options to toggle on/off or uninstall

On Android

  1. Tap More > Add-ons
  2. Tap Manage add-ons
  3. Use the switches to toggle add-ons on/off

Uninstalling an add-on completely removes it, while turning it off just hides it from view.

Top Google Docs Add-ons

Here are some of the most popular and useful Google Docs add-ons:

  • EasyBib: Generate citations and bibliographies
  • Lucidchart: Create diagrams and flowcharts
  • Uberflip: Design interactive content
  • Word Counter: Track word count and readability
  • Wisemapping: Build mind maps and outlines
  • Grammarly: Check grammar and spelling
  • Table of Contents: Generate a TOC for navigation
  • Translator: Translate selected text
  • Voice Typing: Dictate text instead of typing

These add extra functionality from citations to diagrams to proofreading and more. Browse the add-on marketplace to find even more capabilities to integrate.

Benefits of Add-ons

There are many benefits to using add-ons in Google Docs:

  • Enhanced features: Add capabilities not built into Google Docs
  • Increased productivity: Automate repetitive tasks to save time
  • Improved collaboration: Some add-ons facilitate real-time collaboration
  • Customization: Tailor Google Docs to your specific needs
  • Convenience: Easy to find, install, and start using

Add-ons let you overcome limitations and optimize workflows directly within Google Docs. They seamlessly integrate to expand what you can accomplish.


The add-ons menu allows you to discover, install, and utilize extensions that augment Google Docs with extra functionalities. Add-ons appear in the Extensions menu on desktop and the More menu on mobile. They provide immense value through customizable features, productivity boosts, and tighter collaboration.

With the power of add-ons, you can take your documents to the next level within Google Docs. The capabilities grow exponentially thanks to developer integrations on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

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