How Voice Typing Is the New Best Feature of Google Docs

987853 How Voice Typing Is the New Best Feature of Google Docs

Voice typing, also known as speech-to-text or dictation, is a feature in Google Docs that allows you to speak into your computer’s microphone and have your speech converted into text in real-time. This handy feature has been around for a while, but recent advancements in speech recognition technology have made it more accurate and useful than ever.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using voice typing for writing in Google Docs and provide a step-by-step guide to setting it up and customizing it to best suit your needs. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to unleash the power of this underutilized feature to supercharge your productivity.

Benefits of Voice Typing in Google Docs

Here are some of the biggest reasons why voice typing is a total game-changer for writing in Google Docs:

It’s Faster than Typing

On average, people can speak much faster than they can type. So using voice typing can save you a ton of time putting your thoughts into words. This allows you to get more writing done in less time.

It Reduces Typing Fatigue

If you regularly write long documents, voice typing can help prevent hand and wrist strain from excessive typing. Speaking naturally is much more ergonomic than typing for long stretches.

It’s Great for Drafting

The real-time nature of voice typing makes it wonderful for getting your initial ideas down quickly without losing your train of thought. You can then go back and polish up the draft later.

It Works for Any Language

Google Docs voice typing supports over 100 languages, so it’s useful for writers of all backgrounds. This includes languages with non-Latin alphabets like Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.

It’s Totally Hands-free

Once you get voice typing enabled, you don’t even have to touch your keyboard. This frees you up to focus, take notes, or stretch your hands. It’s great for short bursts of writing without breaking focus.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Voice Typing

Ready to start using voice typing to write faster in Google Docs? Here is an easy step-by-step guide:

1. Make Sure You Have a Microphone

First things first, you need a working microphone connected to your computer to use voice typing. Most modern laptops have built-in mics, but you can also use a USB microphone or headset mic.

2. Open Google Docs and Start a New Document

Go to Google Docs in your web browser and start a new blank document. You can also open an existing document to add voice typed text to.

3. Click Tools > Voice Typing

In the Docs menu bar, select “Tools” then choose “Voice typing” from the dropdown menu. This will launch the voice typing interface.

4. Allow Mic Access

A popup will appear asking for permission to access your microphone. Click “Allow” to grant access. This allows Google Docs to hear and transcribe your speech.

5. Start Talking!

With the mic access enabled, you’ll see the flashing red voice typing icon and you can simply start speaking to have your words added as text. Speak in clear, natural language just like you were dictating to a human.

6. Use Voice Commands

While voice typing, you can say certain commands to edit your document without using your hands. For example, “period” to add a period, “new line” to start a new paragraph, or “select previous sentence” to edit text.

7. Disable When Done

To exit voice typing mode, click the voice icon again or press Esc on your keyboard. Review the transcribed text and make any corrections needed. Then continue composing your document as normal with the keyboard.

Customizing Voice Typing for Best Results

To optimize Google Docs voice typing to best match your voice, writing style, and terminology, try these tips:

Train Accuracy with Practice

The more you use voice typing over time, the more it will learn to understand your unique speech patterns, dialect, and vocabulary. So accuracy and speed will improve with regular practice.

Add Specialized Vocabulary

You can “teach” voice typing specialized names, acronyms, slang terms etc by manually adding them one by one to your speech recognition personal dictionary. This boosts accuracy when you dictate these words.

Adjust Punctuation Settings

In the voice typing settings, you can configure when and how punctuation like periods, commas, question marks etc get automatically added while you speak. Set rules that match your preferences.

Create Text Shortcuts

Text shortcuts allow you to speak a short phrase that gets expanded into longer, commonly used text. For example, saying “my address” can insert your full mailing address. This saves time for frequently repeated text.

Use a Fast Computer and Internet

Voice recognition requires significant processing power. So voice typing will be quicker and more accurate on a modern computer with a fast CPU and internet connection to access Google’s servers.


Thanks to major leaps in speech recognition capabilities, voice typing in Google Docs has evolved into an indispensable writing tool for boosting productivity. It lets you get words on the page faster, while reducing physical strain. And with some customization and practice over time, it can be nearly as accurate as typing manually.

So if you aren’t yet taking advantage of voice typing when word processing in Google Docs, now is the time! Just follow our setup guide to enable it, and watch your writing speed and efficiency reach new heights.

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