How to Make Documents Pageless in Google Docs

179253 How to Make Documents Pageless in Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredibly versatile online document editing tool that allows for seamless collaboration and easy access across devices. One of its newest features is the pageless format, which removes page boundaries to create a continuous scrolling canvas for writing and formatting.

Switching to pageless format can greatly enhance the Docs experience, especially when working with wide images, large tables, or for focused writing without distraction. However, the feature may not be ideal for documents requiring print-friendly capabilities.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on enabling pageless formatting in Google Docs to take advantage of its creative benefits.


To follow along and enable pageless viewing in your Google Docs:

  • Have a Google account
  • Use the web browser version of Google Docs on a laptop or desktop (pageless viewing is not yet available on mobile)
  • Open an existing document or start a new Doc

Step 1: Access Page Setup

To get started, open the document you want to switch to pageless formatting.

Next, click on File > Page setup in the top navigation bar.

Page setup menu in Google Docs

This will open the Page setup pop-up window.

Step 2: Select Pageless

In the Page setup window, click on the Pageless tab at the top if it is not already selected.

Then check the box next to Pageless to enable the feature.

You can also set a custom background color on this screen if desired.

Finally, click OK at the bottom to apply the pageless setting.

How to turn on pageless format in Google Docs

Step 3: Adjust Text Width (Optional)

One advantage of pageless documents is the ability to customize text width on wider screens.

To change text width, click on View > Text Width while viewing your pageless Doc.

Select either Narrow, Medium, or Wide based on your monitor size and personal preference.

Wider text widths allow you to view more content at once without scrolling.

Step 4: Add Wide Elements

With the page boundaries removed, pageless Google Docs enables you to seamlessly add very wide elements that go off the normal text margins.

For example, insert an oversized table by going to Insert > Table and adding a large number of columns. The table will now stretch across your full document width without page breaks.

You can view the entire table by scrolling left and right to check formatting.

Step 5: Focus on Writing

Pageless documents shine for focused writing projects since your text will never be interrupted by page breaks as you type.

The seamless scrolling allows you to visually stay “on the same page” during the creative process.

Use pageless mode for journaling, stream-of-consciousness narrative pieces, poetry, lyrics, and other writing best composed in long-form.

Considerations Before Enabling Pageless

While pageless viewing offers some unique advantages, there are also a few limitations to consider:

Print Capability

Pageless Docs are designed for online viewing and will not translate well to print. Convert back to pages format if you need to print your document.

Lack of Design Elements

Headers, footers, page numbers, columns, and other design elements cannot be added in pageless format. Switch out of pageless to utilize these features.

Mobile Access

Pageless documents do not properly scale on mobile devices. Access pageless Docs only through the web browser on laptop and desktop screens.


Google Docs’ pageless viewing introduces an exciting new way to write, design, and collaborate on documents free of layout restrictions.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly enable pageless formatting to take advantage of the creative benefits this innovative mode provides.

Just keep in mind pageless documents are best designed for online viewing given the inability to print properly or access certain key features.

Have you tried pageless viewing in Google Docs yet? Let us know your experiences in the comments!