How to Change the Page Color in Google Docs

808030 How to Change the Page Color in Google Docs

Changing the page color in Google Docs allows you to customize the background of your documents. This can help make your documents more visually appealing and easier to read.

Why Change the Page Color?

Here are some reasons you may want to change the default white page background:

  • Make documents more visually interesting
  • Reduce eye strain when reading documents with a lot of text
  • Fit the color scheme for themed projects like school assignments or work presentations
  • Make key text stand out by using a contrasting page color
  • Prioritize information by using different background colors for different sections

Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the page color in Google Docs only takes a few clicks. Follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Google Docs Document

First, open the Google Docs file you want to edit. You can open an existing file or start a new blank document.

2. Navigate to “Page Setup”

Next, click on File > Page setup in the top toolbar. This will open the Page Setup dialog box.

3. Select “Page Color”

In the Page Setup box, look for the Page Color section. Click on the small downward arrow icon next to the white color square.

4. Choose a Preset Color

A dropdown menu will appear showing various color options. Click on any preset color to change the background page color.

Choose page color in Google Docs

5. Select a Custom Color (Optional)

To pick a custom color not available in the presets, click on the + Custom option at the bottom. This will bring up a color picker tool.

Use the hue slider bar to select the base color you want. Then click OK to apply it.

6. Confirm Page Color Change

Finally, click OK at the bottom of the Page Setup box to confirm the new page color for your Google Doc.


  • You can only set one global page background color. Different colors for separate pages is not possible.
  • Try matching page colors to the content sections in your document for visual organization.
  • Don’t forget to use an easily readable text color contrasting the new page color.
  • Create custom color themes for different projects to keep your documents consistent.


If changing the page background color in Google Docs is not working, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure you are using the desktop or web version of Google Docs, not the mobile app. Page color customization is not available in the Google Docs phone/tablet app.
  • Check that your Google account has edit access for the document file. Page settings cannot be changed in “view only” mode.
  • Verify the document is opened in “pages” format, not “pageless”. The page setup options are disabled for pageless Google Docs.
  • Try clearing your browser cache/cookies and reloading the file or use a different web browser.

Changing the default white background in Google Docs is simple once you know where to look. Use this guide to start customizing the page color to suit your documents. A well-formatted, readable file can make collaboration and sharing your projects even easier.