How to Make Lined Paper in Google Docs

953809 How to Make Lined Paper in Google Docs

Creating lined paper in Google Docs is easy and only takes a few steps. Whether you want to type notes or print out lined paper to write on by hand, Google Docs has you covered.

Why Use Lined Paper?

Lined paper, sometimes called ruled paper, has horizontal lines that serve as a guide when you write or type. There are a few key reasons lined paper can be useful:

  • It helps keep your handwriting neat and straight
  • The lines separate each line of text clearly
  • It provides structure and organization for notes
  • Children learning to print or write cursive benefit from the guidance
  • Equations and charts often require ruled paper
  • Lined paper makes it easier to keep your place when reading

How to Make Lined Paper in Google Docs

Here is the step-by-step method to create lined paper using Google Docs:

Step 1: Insert a Table

  • Open a blank Google Docs document
  • Click Insert > Table
  • Select the table to be 1 x 1 (1 row and 1 column)

Step 2: Modify the Table Borders

  • Click the small triangle on the table border
  • Select Border color > Custom color
  • Choose white as the border color for the table
  • This will make the borders invisible

Step 3: Add Rows

  • With the table still selected, click Table > Insert row below
  • Insert as many rows as needed for the desired number of lines
  • For college-ruled paper, insert 25-30 rows

Step 4: Modify Row Background Color

  • Select every other row
  • Open the Background color menu
  • Choose black to make alternating rows black lines
  • This creates the ruled line effect

Step 5: Adjust Line Height

  • With the black line rows selected, open the Height setting
  • Choose the desired height, such as 4 pt for college-ruled paper
  • Smaller numbers create narrow line spacing, larger numbers make bigger gaps

Step 6: Expand the Table

  • Drag the right and bottom borders to expand the table across the whole page
  • This makes the lined paper fill the entire document

And that’s it! You now have a Google Doc lined paper template you can type on or print out.

Customizing Your Lined Paper

The beauty of creating lined paper in Google Docs is you can customize the design. Here are some options:

Line Width

As shown in step 4, the row height determines line thickness. 4 pt for college-ruled paper is standard, but you can adjust up or down.

Line Color

Black lines are typical, but you can choose any row background color you like in step 4. Try dark blue, green, red, or purple lined paper.

Line Spacing

Adjust the row height in step 5 to control spacing between the lines. More space between lines can help with handwriting or note taking.

Margin Size

Standard 1-inch margins are often best, but you can change the right and left margins under File > Page setup if needed.

Paper Size

Under File > Page setup you can select letter size, legal, ledger, A4, or customize to any dimensions.

Landscape/Portrait Orientation

You can choose portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) page alignment under File > Page setup.

Tips for Using Lined Paper in Google Docs

Here are some additional pointers to help you get the most from lined paper templates created in Google Docs:

  • Print out sheets – Have stacks of physical lined paper printouts handy for writing notes by hand or math problems
  • Digital notebooks – Use the lined paper Docs for taking digital notes on a Chromebook or tablet with a stylus
  • Share templates – Email, export, or share access to your lined paper templates with students or colleagues
  • Reuse sheets – Erase your writing and print used lined paper sheets again to cut down on waste

More Google Docs Paper Templates

Along with lined paper, Google Docs can help create other useful physical or digital paper templates:

  • Graph paper
  • Dot grid paper
  • Blank paper
  • Notebook paper
  • Sheet music
  • Handwriting practice paper

The same method of inserting a customized table applies to making all kinds of specialty paper designs.


Creating and using lined paper templates in Google Docs is incredibly simple. And the ability to fully customize line color, width, spacing, and page size makes Google Docs ideal for generating lined paper tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re a teacher, student, writer, artist, or organizer, lined paper has many helpful applications. Use the steps in this guide to start producing your own lined paper with Google Docs today.