How To Wrap Text Around a Table in Google Docs

58839 How To Wrap Text Around a Table in Google Docs

Wrapping text around a table in Google Docs allows you to position an image or table within a document while having text flow naturally around it. This creates a more visually appealing document that is easier to read.

While Google Docs doesn’t natively support wrapping text around tables, there is a simple workaround using the Drawing tool. Here’s how to wrap text around a table in Google Docs:

Create the Table

First, create your table in Google Docs as you normally would using the Insert > Table menu. Format the table how you want with borders, background colors, etc.

Pro Tip: Create your table in Google Sheets if you want additional formatting options, then copy and paste it over to Google Docs.

Convert the Table to an Image

To wrap text around the table, you first need to convert it into an image:

  1. Highlight the entire table and copy it (Ctrl/Cmd + C).
  2. Place your cursor where you want the table to be positioned in the document.
  3. Go to Insert > Drawing > New. This will open up a blank canvas.
  4. Paste the table into the Drawing canvas (Ctrl/Cmd + V).
  5. Click Save and Close in the upper right corner of the canvas.

This converts the table into a movable image that you can now wrap text around.

Wrap Text Around the Table

  1. Click on the table image to select it. A formatting toolbar will appear.
  2. Click the Wrap text icon in the toolbar. It looks like text wrapping around an object.
  3. Text will now flow naturally around the table image.
  4. Adjust the position of the table by clicking and dragging it.
  5. Customize the text flow distance by playing with the image margins.

And that’s it! The text will now wrap around your table.

Additional Formatting Tips

Here are some additional formatting tips when working with wrapped text and tables in Google Docs:

  • Adjust margins – Fine-tune the distance of text flow by increasing or decreasing table image margins.
  • Use alignment tools – Align wrapped text in relation to the table using the alignment options (left, center, right, justify).
  • Resize the table – Make your table smaller or larger by clicking and dragging the resize handles on the corners and edges.
  • Edit table formatting – Double click the table image to open the Drawing canvas again if you need to edit table formatting later on.

Wrap Text Around Other Objects

The text wrapping principles outlined here also apply to other types of objects like images, charts and shapes. To wrap text around any of these objects:

  1. Insert the object into Google Docs.
  2. Select the object to open the toolbar.
  3. Click the Wrap text icon.
  4. Adjust margins and alignment of wrapped text as needed.

Why You Might Want Wrapped Text

Wrapping text around visual objects can make your documents more visually appealing and readable. Here are some benefits of using wrapped text:

  • Improves readability by removing big gaps of white space
  • Allows you to integrate visuals into paragraphs seamlessly
  • Draws attention to important tables, images or charts
  • Creates an overall more polished and professional look

So if you want take your Google Docs from basic to beautiful, experiment with wrapping text around visual elements!

When Text Wrapping Gets Tricky

While wrapping text around objects is fairly straightforward, you may encounter issues if:

  • The object is too wide to allow text to flow reasonably around it
  • Text has inconsistent spacing between letters or words
  • You attempt to wrap text around multiple overlapping objects

If you run into any of these scenarios, try adjusting the object size, alignment, margins or layout to improve text flow. As a last resort, you can position the object on its own line without wrapped text.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about wrapping text in Google Docs:

Why can’t I wrap text directly around a table?

Google Docs does not allow you to apply text wrapping directly to tables. The Drawing tool workaround converts your table into an image which can have wrapped text applied to it.

What happens if I edit the table in the future?

If you double click your table image, it will open up the Drawing canvas again allowing you to edit the table formatting. Make your changes then click Save and Close.

How do I delete a table image?

Click the table image and press the Delete key to remove it. This is like deleting a regular image. Wrapped text will revert to normal non-wrapped flow.

Can I wrap to multiple sides of the table?

Unfortunately you can only wrap text to one side of a table image at a time. But you can alternate between left, right, top and bottom sides by selecting new wrap points.

Why does my text flow unevenly around the table?

Adjust margins or table alignment if text is flowing irregularly. Centering the table within surrounding paragraphs often helps text wrap evenly.

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I hope this comprehensive guide gives you all the tools you need to start wrapping text around tables and images in Google Docs! Let me know if you have any other questions.