How To Upload Web Files to Google Docs the Easy Way

969435 How To Upload Web Files to Google Docs the Easy Way

Uploading files from the web to Google Docs is an easy way to save interesting items you find online for later access. Rather than cluttering up your desktop or folders, you can import web files directly into Google Docs to view anytime.


Before getting started, check that the file type you want to upload is supported by Google Docs. Supported formats include:

  • Documents – doc, docx, html, odt, pdf, rtf, txt
  • Images – bmp, gif, jpg, png
  • Audio – m4a, mp3, ogg, wav
  • Video – avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg4, webm

Also note that some file conversions may occur when uploading certain file types.

Step 1: Copy the File URL

To upload a file, you first need its web address. Right click the link to the file and select “Copy Link Address”. Or go directly to the file URL and copy it from the browser address bar.

For example:

The URL should include the file extension (e.g. .pdf) so you know it points directly to the file.

Step 2: Login to Google Docs

Go to and login to your Google account.

Step 3: Click Upload

In Google Docs, click the Upload button > Files.

Google Drive Upload

Step 4: Paste the URL

In the file explorer window, paste the file’s URL into the File name field.

Paste URL in File Name

Then click Open.

Step 5: Check Upload Status

The file will now upload to Google Docs. Monitor the progress in the bottom right corner.

Once completed, the file will be listed in your Google Docs like any other document.

Uploaded File in Google Docs

Advanced Options

Here are some additional tips for uploading files:

  • Upload Folders: Click Upload folder to upload an entire folder of files.
  • Save to Drive Browser Extension: Install this Chrome extension to save web files directly to Google Drive.
  • Convert Uploads: Go to Google Drive settings to automatically convert uploads like Word docs to Google formats.

Uploading web files to Google Drive saves you time accessing items you want to keep. Use these simple methods to quickly back up online files, images, PDFs and more.

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