How to Shrink Text to Fit on One Page in Microsoft Word

595206 How to Shrink Text to Fit on One Page in Microsoft Word

When working with longer Word documents, you may find text spilling over onto a second page even though there is only a small amount of content. Instead of just adding extra pages, there are ways to condense and shrink text to keep it confined to one page. This allows you to print documents on a single page or save paper when printing.

Here are some methods you can use in Word to shrink an entire document’s text to fit on one page:

Use the “Shrink Font” Button

The easiest way to incrementally reduce text size is to use the Shrink Font button on the Home tab in Word.

  • Click the Home tab and find the Font section of the ribbon.
  • Click the Shrink Font button repeatedly to reduce text size little by little.
  • Click just a few times first to slightly adjust size.
  • Keep clicking until the text fits on one page.

This shrinks all text uniformly, but formatting can become distorted at very small font sizes.

Add the “Shrink One Page” Command

For more control, you can add the Shrink One Page command to quickly fit text in one page by automatically adjusting font size and spacing.

  • Click the File tab and choose Options.
  • Click Customize Ribbon and check the box for Shrink One Page under Commands Not in the Ribbon.
  • Click OK to add the command to the ribbon.
  • Highlight text you want to shrink and click the new Shrink One Page button on the ribbon.

This feature intelligently condenses text, but can be difficult to undo once saved. Always review formatting after using.

Manually Adjust Text Size and Spacing

For the most control over text shrinking, manually tweak font size, margins, and line spacing.

  • Select all text you want to condense.
  • Reduce font size incrementally in the Home tab.
  • Narrow margins using the Layout tab.
  • Adjust line spacing to settings below 1.0.

Combine adjustments for maximum space savings, but text could become hard to read if condensed too small.

When Should You Shrink Text to One Page?

The methods above work best when you just have a small amount of text spilling onto the next page. If you…

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