How to Share Google Docs with Non-Gmail Users

858188 How to Share Google Docs with Non-Gmail Users

Google Docs is a popular document editing and sharing platform. It allows real-time collaboration between multiple users. However, a common question is – can you share Google Docs with someone who doesn’t have a Gmail account? The good news is – yes, you can share Google Docs with non-Gmail users. Here are the main ways to do it:

Create a Google Account Using Any Email

To access Google Docs, you don’t need specifically a Gmail account. Any email account can be used to create a Google account [1]. So if the person you want to share with has an Outlook, Yahoo, organization email, or other account – ask them to create a Google account using that email.

Once they confirm their Google account, you’ll be able to share Google Docs with them normally.

Share via Email Attachment

If the non-Gmail user doesn’t want to create a Google account, you can still share Google Docs by emailing it as an attachment [5].

To do this:

  • Open the Google Doc you want to share
  • Go to File > Email as attachment
  • Enter the non-Gmail user’s email address
  • Click Send

The user will receive the Doc as a file attachment which they can then view or edit locally.

Publish to the Web

Another way is to publish your Google Doc publicly on the web[21]. When you publish a doc, anyone with the link can view (and edit if you allow it).

To publish a doc:

  • Open the Google Doc
  • Click File > Publish to the web
  • Click Publish and copy the web link
  • Send the link to the non-Gmail user

The user can then view or edit that doc online through the browser without needing a Google account.

Use Third-Party Apps

You can also use third-party apps like MultCloud [18] to share Google Drive folders with non-Gmail users. Such apps don’t require the recipient to have a Google account.

The process allows:

  • Upload files/folders to the app
  • Generate a shareable link
  • Send that link to the non-Gmail user via email
  • User views files directly within browser

Share with Restrictions

When sharing docs with non-Google users, be a bit cautious about permissions [13]. Since anyone with the link can access with “anyone with link” permissions, consider:

  • Using view-only permission for sensitive docs
  • Require email confirmation to view docs
  • Revoke access if link is forwarded inappropriately

This balances access with security.

Tips for Sharing Google Docs

Here are some additional tips when sharing Google Docs:

  • Preview first: Before sharing, preview how it will look for the recipient
  • Check permissions: Don’t allow editing access unless required
  • Share files < 10 GB: Google Drive allows sharing files up to 10 GB size
  • Notify user: Check this option so user knows the doc is shared


Sharing Google Docs with non-Gmail users is easy. Ask users to create a Google account with their existing email, share docs via email attachments, publish docs publicly, or use third-party apps. Restrict permissions when required and follow other tips. This opens up collaboration with anyone regardless of the email service they use.

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