How to Remove Text Highlighting in Google Docs

749021 How to Remove Text Highlighting in Google Docs

Highlighting text in a Google Doc can help draw attention to important information. However, too much highlighting or highlighting you no longer need can make the document look cluttered. Fortunately, removing a text highlight in Google Docs is quick and easy. Here are the steps:

Why Remove Highlighting

There are a few reasons you may want to remove text highlighting:

  • The highlighting is no longer needed or relevant
  • There is too much highlighted text, making the document hard to read
  • You want to send a clean, professional-looking document without excessive formatting
  • Someone reviewing your document requests the removal of highlights
  • Your school or workplace prefers documents without highlights

Removing unnecessary highlights cleans up your document and makes the text easier to read.

How to Remove Highlighting

Removing text highlighting in Google Docs takes just a few clicks:

Select the Highlighted Text

  1. Open the Google Doc containing the highlighted text
  2. Click and drag your cursor across the highlighted text to select it. Or double-click on an individual highlighted word to select it.

Clear the Highlight

  1. In the toolbar, click the Highlight color button
  2. Select None

The highlighting will immediately disappear from the selected text.

Tip: You can also right-click on the highlighted text and select Remove highlight from the pop-up menu.

Remove All Highlights

To instantly clear every text highlight in your document:

  1. Click Edit in the menu
  2. Select Select all highlights
  3. Click the Highlight color button
  4. Choose None

And all highlights will be removed in one click!

Customizing Highlight Colors

Google Docs gives you quick access to seven preset highlight colors:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Turquoise

However, you can also select a custom color for more precise highlighting:

  1. Select the text to highlight
  2. Click the Highlight color button
  3. Choose Custom color… at the bottom of the palette
  4. Select your desired highlight color or enter the HEX code
  5. Click OK

The text will now have a custom color highlight.

Pro Tip: Create a set of standardized highlights (Blue for key points, Yellow for follow up items, etc.) to keep your documents organized!


Removing text highlights in Google Docs is easy:

  • Select the text with the highlight
  • Click the Highlight color button
  • Choose None to erase

Taking just seconds, this clears highlights while preserving the original text. So don’t be afraid to highlight freely in your Docs – you can remove them anytime!

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