How to Put an Image Behind Text in Google Docs

900953 How to Put an Image Behind Text in Google Docs

Putting an image behind text in Google Docs can help make your documents more visually appealing. The image serves as a background that enhances the text without covering it up completely.

Follow these steps to easily place an image behind text in Google Docs:

Insert the Image

First, insert the image you want to use as a background:

  • Click Insert > Image in the Google Docs toolbar
  • Select the image file on your computer and click Open
  • The image will be inserted into the document

Tip: For best results, use a high-quality image that is the same width as your document margins.

Adjust Image Transparency

Next, make the image partially transparent so the text remains readable:

  • Click on the image to select it
  • Click the Image options icon (3 vertical dots)
  • Click Adjustments
  • Use the Transparency slider to make the image 50-80% transparent

Making the image semi-transparent prevents the text from being obscured.

Wrap Text Behind Image

Finally, wrap text behind the transparent image:

  • In the Image options sidebar, click Text wrapping
  • Select the Behind text option
  • Position the image where desired
  • The text will automatically flow behind the image

And you’re done! The image now serves as a subtle background for your text.

Other Tips

Here are some additional pointers for putting images behind text:

  • Resize the image to extend across the document’s width for full coverage
  • Send the image backward on the page if needed by right-clicking it and selecting Order > Send backward
  • Lower the image stacking order by clicking Order > Lower in the image options
  • Use Text wrapping > In front of text to layer text over sections of the image
  • Experiment with different transparency levels and image positions


If you are having issues getting the image to display behind text properly:

  • Confirm the Behind text wrap option is selected
  • Check if the image is above any text boxes or elements
  • Try sending the image further back with the Send backward option
  • Resize the image to cover the entire page width if needed

With some tweaking, you can achieve the perfect see-through background image effect in Google Docs. Positioning images behind text takes your documents’ design up a notch.

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