How to Open a WPS File in Microsoft Word 2016

699620 How to Open a WPS File in Microsoft Word 2016

A WPS file is a document created by the Microsoft Works word processor. Microsoft Works was discontinued in 2009 and replaced by Microsoft Office Starter 2010. However, you may still encounter WPS files that need to be opened.

While Microsoft Word 2016 does not natively support WPS files, you can install a converter that allows Word to open these legacy documents. Here is a step-by-step guide.

What is a WPS File?

A WPS file is a rich text document created by Microsoft Works versions 6 through 9. The WPS format contains text formatting, images, tables, and other elements. However, it lacks some of the advanced features of Microsoft Word DOC/DOCX files.

When Microsoft discontinued Works in 2009, they also stopped supporting the WPS file format. So newer versions of Word cannot open WPS files by default.

Download the Works Converter

To open WPS files in Word 2016, you need to install the Microsoft Works 6-9 File Converter. This free converter adds legacy file support to Office 2016 applications.

Here are the steps to download and install it:

  1. Go to Microsoft’s website
  2. Under “Download”, click on Works6-9Converter.exe to download the converter installer
  3. Once downloaded, double click to run the Works6-9Converter.exe file
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the converter

The Works Converter will now be ready for use with Office 2016.

Open a WPS File in Word 2016

With the converter installed, opening WPS files in Word 2016 is simple:

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2016
  2. Click File > Open in the top menu
  3. Browse and select your WPS file
  4. For the file type, choose Works 6-9 (*.wps)
  5. Click the Open button

This will launch the conversion process, allowing you to access the contents of the WPS file within Word.

The document will now open in Word, converting it to the modern DOCX format. You can edit, format, save, print, and work with it like any other Word file.

Convert WPS to DOCX

Once you open a WPS file in Word 2016, you may want to convert it to the standard DOCX format for improved compatibility. Here is how to convert WPS to DOCX:

  1. With the WPS document open in Word, go to File > Save As
  2. For file type, choose Word Document (*.docx)
  3. Give the file a name and click Save

The file is now converted to DOCX format instead of the outdated WPS. Other Office 2016 apps like Excel and PowerPoint support converting files in a similar way.

Alternative WPS File Readers

As an alternative to installing Microsoft’s converter, you can view WPS files using other office suites:

  • WPS Office – This free office software natively supports WPS documents
  • OpenOffice – Open source office suite that opens WPS files
  • LibreOffice – Another open-source office option for WPS files

These alternatives allow you to open, view and convert WPS documents without needing the Works converter.

Online WPS Converters

If you don’t have Office installed, online WPS converters offer another method to view these legacy files:

  • Zamzar – Supports converting WPS to DOCX, PDF and other formats
  • Online-Convert – Upload WPS files to convert online
  • FileZigZag – Web app for WPS conversion and preview

These web-based tools convert WPS documents without needing any software installed. However, most have file size limits or paid subscriptions for batch/bulk conversions.


While Microsoft Works and WPS files are now obsolete, you may occasionally need to access documents saved in this legacy format.

The easiest way to open WPS files in Microsoft Word 2016 is to install Microsoft’s free file converter. This allows Word open, edit and convert WPS documents seamlessly.

Alternative office suites also provide options for working with WPS files. And online conversion tools offer a quick way for one-off document conversions.

With the variety of available methods, opening and converting WPS files is simple. Just choose the option that best fits your needs.