How to Move Pages Around in Google Docs

626346 How to Move Pages Around in Google Docs

Rearranging pages in Google Docs can be tricky since there is no built-in feature to easily move pages. However, with some simple workarounds, you can reorder pages and sections in your documents. This comprehensive guide covers several methods to move content in Google Docs, using copy/paste, Microsoft Word, third-party tools, and more.

Why Move Pages in Google Docs

Here are some common reasons you may need to rearrange pages:

  • Fix the order of pages that got out of sequence
  • Move certain sections to the beginning or end
  • Reorganize content for better flow or structure
  • Split a long document into multiple files
  • Merge separate files into one document

Changing page order in long reports, multi-chapter books, or other large Docs can greatly improve the reading experience.

Method 1: Copy and Paste Pages

This manual approach works for small-scale reordering:

  1. Open the Google Doc and highlight all content on the page you want to move. Ensure you select text, images, tables, etc.
  2. Press Ctrl + C (Windows) or ⌘ + C (Mac) to copy the page.
  3. Scroll to the location where you want to insert the page. Press Enter to add space.
  4. Press Ctrl + V or ⌘ + V to paste the page.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to continue rearranging.

When done, delete any duplicate or unused pages.

Method 2: Use Microsoft Word

For extensive reordering, export your Doc to Word to utilize its page movement tools:

  1. In Google Docs, click File > Download > Microsoft Word
  2. In Word, go to View > Navigation Pane
  3. Drag page icons to reorder content
  4. Save the Word file, then copy-paste the updated text back into Google Docs

Method 3: Try Third-Party Tools

Several web apps offer page editing features lacking in Google Docs:

  • PDFelement – Upload Docs as PDFs to rearrange and extract pages
  • ILovePDF – Reorder, split, or merge PDF pages
  • Smallpdf – Edit PDF files with an intuitive drag and drop interface

Method 4: Create a Copy

For major restructuring, start a new Doc and organize pages in the desired sequence:

  1. Make a blank Google Doc
  2. Open the original file and copy/paste pages one by one into the new file
  3. Redirect references to the new finalized document
  4. Delete the outdated version

Tips for Managing Pages

Here are some best practices regardless of your page movement method:

  • Use Ctrl + Enter to add page breaks
  • Outline key sections with Title and Heading styles
  • Split very long documents into separate files
  • Add Table of Contents and Index elements for navigation
  • Use footers with page numbers and titles as guides


Moving pages in Google Docs requires some creative workarounds, but is definitely possible. Copy-paste content in chunks, leverage Microsoft Word, or try specialized PDF tools. The most foolproof way is to manually recreate your document in the order you need. Apply these tips to keep pages organized!

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