How to Make a Brochure in Google Docs

230359 How to Make a Brochure in Google Docs

Google Docs is a versatile free tool that allows you to create professional-looking documents right in your browser. With its wide range of features, making an appealing brochure is quick and easy on Google Docs.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to make a visually striking tri-fold brochure on Google Docs using simple formatting options and tools.

Step 1: Set Up the Basic Brochure Structure

To start, open a blank Google Docs document. Go to File > Page setup to open page layout settings.

  • Set page size to 8.5” x 11” letter size.
  • Under Margins, set all margins to 0”.
  • Enable two-sided printing.

Next, organize your brochure area into three equal columns:

  1. Place cursors to divide the sheet evenly into three vertical sections—this will form the three brochure panels.
  2. Go to View > Show document outline to view the section breaks.
  3. Resize the columns evenly by dragging the section dividers. Make all columns equal width.

Brochure columns

Image: Brochure template with three equal columns

This sets up the basic tri-fold structure. You can now add content and design elements.

Step 2: Add Images and Text Content

It’s time to add engaging images and write compelling brochure copy:

  • Insert images: Go to Insert > Image to add relevant high-quality photos, illustrations, logos, etc. Resize and position images as needed.
  • Write headings and body text: Use Styles to apply ready-made Heading 1, Heading 2 and Body Text styles for visual hierarchy.
  • Add icons: Insert icons from Google Docs libraries or icons packages to accentuate points.

Make sure to tailor content specifically to your target readers.

Step 3: Apply Template Themes

Now make your brochure visually appealing by applying a template theme:

  1. Go to File > Page setup again.
  2. Under Themes, browse the available templates and select one.
  3. The chosen template theme will apply its color scheme, fonts, etc. to your document.

Alternatively, you can manually format text, columns, and page background to create your own visual theme.

Brochure template themes

Applying brochure template themes

Step 4: Finalize the Brochure Design

With content and themes applied, finalize the design:

  • Adjust column widths: Make columns equally wide for brochure panels.
  • Refine alignments and spacing: Align text/images and adjust spacing between elements.
  • Add dividers: Insert line/section breaks or borders between sections.
  • Insert shapes and lines: Use lines, shapes, and arrows to section off content.

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

With the structure complete, make the brochure shine by:

  • Adding color block headers
  • Including engaging call-to-action copy
  • Inserting stock photos and illustrations
  • Using pull quotes to highlight key messages

Step 6: Print or Download Brochure

Once done, download your brochure PDF by going to File > Download > PDF Document. Or print directly from Google Docs by selecting Print.

For best results:

  • Check margins and alignment to ensure text/images don’t get cut off
  • Print a test copy first before mass printing
  • Use thick glossy brochure paper for professional look and feel

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