How to Make Phone Numbers Clickable in Google Docs

284287 How to Make Phone Numbers Clickable in Google Docs

Adding clickable phone numbers to your Google Docs can make it easier for readers to contact you directly without having to manually dial the number. With mobile usage on the rise, enabling one-click calling can greatly improve usability and engagement.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the simple process of adding clickable telephone links to your documents using the “Insert Link” function.

Why Make Phone Numbers Clickable

Here are some of the key benefits of enabling click-to-call functionality in Google Docs:

  • Improves usability – Rather than forcing users to manually type or dial a number, hyperlinked phone numbers allow instant calling with one tap. This simplifies contact and enhances user experience.
  • Increases engagement – By making your phone number more accessible, you remove friction from the contact process. Readers are more likely to call clickable phone numbers.
  • Enhances credibility – Clickable contact information signals professionalism and reliability to readers. It shows you want to make it easy for others to reach you.
  • Optimized for mobile – With growing mobile usage, click-to-call numbers improve usability for smartphone users, enabling instant dialing.

How to Add Clickable Phone Links

Adding working clickable telephone links to Google Docs is simple:

  1. Type the phone number you want to link. For example: 555-123-4567
  2. Highlight the phone number text you want to hyperlink.
  3. Click Insert > Link in the Google Docs menu. Alternatively, use the Ctrl+K keyboard shortcut.
  4. In the Insert Link dialog box, enter tel:1 before the phone number without spaces in between. For example: tel:15551234567
  5. Click Apply to make the phone number clickable.

Once applied, the linked phone number will be blue and underlined indicating it is now an active hyperlink. When clicked by a reader, it will initiate a call to the linked phone number from the user’s default calling app.

Formatting Phone Numbers

To ensure your clickable telephone links work correctly, use proper phone number formatting:

  • For US numbers, use the format: (555) 555-5555
  • Always include the country code for international numbers
  • Avoid spaces, dashes, dots in linked phone numbers
  • Use tel:1 prefix for US numbers or tel:+[country code] for international numbers

Adding Multiple Clickable Phone Numbers

You can add multiple clickable telephone links within the same Google Doc. Simply repeat the insert link steps for each number you want to make callable.

For consistency, format all numbers in the same style and use markdown formatting for better readability on the web:

Call my cell: 
**(555) 555-5555**

Office lines:
**(333) 333-3333**

International HQ:
**+1 (777) 777-7777**  

Linking Phone Numbers in Google Slides

The process for adding clickable telephone links in Google Slides presentations is the same as Google Docs. The ability to insert hyperlinks works across Google’s suite of online document editing apps.

Simply highlight the phone number text, open the Insert Link dialog box, enter the properly formatted “tel:” link, and click Apply. The phone number will now let viewers call you straight from your Slides deck.


Enabling click-to-call functionality for your phone numbers in Google Docs is easy and comes with many engagement, conversion and usability benefits.

By following the insert link steps outlined here, you can quickly transform any written phone number into an instant calling link within your documents and presentations.

Focus on properly formatting telephone numbers, include country codes for international numbers when needed, and test links across devices to ensure calling works as expected before publishing your clickable Google Docs live.