How to Make Bubble Letters in Microsoft Word

740977 How to Make Bubble Letters in Microsoft Word

Making bubble letters in Microsoft Word is easy and fun. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating bubble letters for banners, posters, invitations, and more.

Choose a Bubble Font

The first step is choosing a fun, bubbly font. Here are some good options:

  • Jumble – This playful font comes standard in Word. It has a rounded, balloon-like look perfect for bubble letters.
  • Bauhaus 93 – Available in Word, this font has a thick, funky shape reminiscent of graffiti bubble letters.
  • Blambot Casual – Download this free font for a handwritten, comic-book style.
  • Bubbleboddy Neue – With its smooth curves and sleek lines, this free font makes modern-looking bubble letters.

Once you’ve chosen a font, highlight the text you want to convert and select it.

Apply Text Effects

The key to transforming regular text into bubble letters is to use Word’s text effects. Here are some of the best options:

3D Format

Under the “Text Effects” menu, choose “3D Format.” This will instantly give your letters a puffy, inflated look. Play around with the depth, lighting, and surface texture settings to customize the effect.


Adding a text outline gives letters that thick, bubble style outline. Go to “Text Outline” and experiment with colors and outline widths. Wider outlines make more dramatic bubble letters.

Glow and Shadow

For an eye-catching neon or graffiti style, try adding glow or shadows. Soft shadows also make letters appear more rounded and three-dimensional.

Customize the Look

Once you’ve applied text effects, further customize the look of your bubble letters with fonts, colors, and more:

  • Increase font size – Bigger is better for bubble letters. Fonts sized 48-72pt make the biggest impact.
  • Play with colors – Vibrant, neon, or gradiated colors suit the playful, youthful bubble letter look.
  • Overlap letters – For a true bubble effect, manually overlap and layer letters. This also adds depth.
  • Add backgrounds – Plain bubble letters stand out best against a high contrast background.

Create a Bubble Letter Banner

One popular use for bubble letters is making banners. Here is how to make a customized bubble letter banner in Word:

  1. Type out your banner text in a bubble font and text effects.
  2. Increase font size to at least 48pt.
  3. Choose a vibrant font color and outline color.
  4. Select all text and center align.
  5. On the “Insert” tab, select “Shapes” and insert a rounded rectangle shape to make the banner background.
  6. Size the shape to fit under the text with about 0.5″ padding.
  7. Format the shape with a color and outline matching the font.
  8. Group the text and shape.
  9. Copy and paste banners together to create a row.
  10. Print or share your awesome bubble letter banner!

Practice Makes Perfect

Like mastering any new skill, creating amazing bubble letters takes practice. But Word makes it easy to quickly style text in a bubble font and play with colors, outlines, glows, and 3D effects. The possibilities are endless!

Start simple by converting a short phrase or single word. Once you get the hang of sizing and shaping bubble letters, move on to full sentences, names, and banners. Before you know it, you’ll have bubble lettering down to an art!

More Tips and Inspiration

  • Stack two outlines on top of each other in different colors for a graffiti-style bubble letter.
  • For perfectly rounded bubble letters, custom shape each letter using the “Curve” tool.
  • Add images inside the letters or bubbles for more interest and depth.
  • Outline letters in black and fill them with rainbow colors or patterns for fun, pop art bubble letters.
  • Look at bubble letter alphabets online for inspiration on letter shapes and styles.

So now you have the tools to make any word or phrase into unique bubble letter art. Have fun making eye-catching banners, invitations, cards, and more!

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