How to Make All Letters Lowercase on Google Docs

341873 How to Make All Letters Lowercase on Google Docs

Converting text to lowercase in Google Docs is a useful skill that can save you time and effort. Whether you need to format an entire document, fix inconsistent capitalization, or simply change the case of a few words, Google Docs has built-in tools to quickly transform text to lowercase.

In this guide, we’ll cover several methods to make letters lowercase on Google Docs, including keyboard shortcuts, menu options, and add-ons. We’ll also provide tips on when you may want to use lowercase text.

Why Use Lowercase Text?

Using lowercase letters has some key benefits:

  • Improves readability – Studies show that lowercase text is easier and faster for our brains to process. Capital letters are more visually distracting and break up word recognition.
  • Appears more casual/conversational – All-caps text can feel like shouting, while lowercase feels more relaxed. This can help establish rapport with readers.
  • Saves time formatting – It’s quicker to type and format text in lowercase. You avoid constantly tapping the Shift key for capital letters.
  • Increases consistency – Keeping all text lowercase, except for proper nouns, creates consistent capitalization across your documents.
  • Follows web writing best practices – Most content online is written in sentence case, with lowercase letters and capitalization only when grammatically required.

Change Case Through Menu Options

The easiest way to change case is using Google Docs’ built-in menu:

  1. Select the text you want to transform to lowercase. You can select a word, sentence, paragraph, or your entire document.
  2. Click Format > Text > Capitalization in the top menu.
  3. Choose lowercase from the drop-down menu.
  4. The selected text will instantly convert to lowercase letters.

This method works for any amount of text in your document. You can also choose UPPERCASE to transform your selection into all capital letters or Title Case to capitalize the first letter of each word.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Change Case

For quicker case conversion, use these handy keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Shift+U (Windows/ChromeOS) or ⌘+Shift+U (Mac) – Change selected text to UPPERCASE
  • Ctrl+U (Windows/ChromeOS) or ⌘+U (Mac) – Change selected text to lowercase

Here is how to use these shortcuts to make text lowercase:

  1. Select the text you want to make lowercase
  2. Press Ctrl+U (Windows) or ⌘+U (Mac) on your keyboard
  3. The selected text will instantly change to lowercase

Keyboard shortcuts help streamline the process so you don’t have to navigate through menus.

Install the “Change Case” Google Docs Add-On

Another option is to install the “Change Case” add-on for Google Docs. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your Google Doc document
  2. Click Add-ons > Get add-ons in the top menu bar
  3. Search for “Change Case” and click Install to add it to Docs
  4. With text selected, click Add-ons > Change Case in the menu bar
  5. Choose lower case from the drop-down menu

This add-on provides more formatting options like sentence case, title case, toggle case, and more. It also lets you change case by highlighting text instead of through menus.

Best Practices When Using Lowercase Text

To ensure readability and consistency, keep these best practices in mind when using lowercase text:

  • Always capitalize proper nouns like people’s names, places, brands, etc.
  • Capitalize the first word of a sentence, I, titles, and headers
  • Use consistent lowercase letters for all other text
  • Format your document’s title and headers in title case or sentence case
  • Avoid formatting text in all caps, as this hinders readability

Review your text after changing case to double check for mistakes. The goal is to use capital letters only when grammatically required.


Changing case can be a tedious task, but Google Docs offers easy-to-use tools to transform text to lowercase.

The menu options provide an efficient way to change case for any amount of selected text. Keyboard shortcuts streamline the process even further. And the “Change Case” add-on gives you advanced formatting options.

Using proper lowercase formatting improves consistency and readability. Your documents will appear more polished and professional.

So next time you’re manually editing text case, try out these Google Docs features instead. They’ll save you time, energy, and unnecessary effort.