How to Integrate Google Keep with Google Docs

916823 How to Integrate Google Keep with Google Docs

Google Keep and Google Docs are two incredibly useful apps from Google that help you take notes, organize information, and collaborate with others. But did you know you can actually integrate them to boost your productivity even more?

Integrating Google Keep and Google Docs allows you to easily access your notes directly within your Docs, making it simple to refer back to important information without having to switch between apps. You can also quickly capture ideas in Keep and then move them into an existing or new Doc later.

Here’s an overview of how to integrate Google Keep with Google Docs and some of the top benefits:

Enabling the Google Keep Integration in Docs

Integrating Keep and Docs only takes a few quick steps:

  • Open a document in Google Docs
  • Click Tools > Keep notepad
  • A sidebar will open showing notes from Google Keep
  • Click Try it to enable the integration

Once enabled, the Keep sidebar will be available in all your Docs for quick access to notes.

Key Benefits of Integrating Google Keep and Google Docs

Here are some of the biggest reasons to connect Google Keep and Google Docs:

1. Easily Access Notes Without Switching Apps

The Keep integration in Docs lets you quickly view, create, and search notes without having to open the separate Keep app. This saves you time when you need to reference information while working on a document.

2. Capture Ideas on the Fly

When you have a great idea while working in Docs, you can instantly capture it in a Keep note using the sidebar. Simply create a new note or highlight text and save it to Keep for later.

3. Organize Research Content

If you’re researching a topic for a paper or presentation, you can organize all your findings into separate Keep notes then easily drag and drop them into your Doc or Slides later.

4. Collaborate With Others

Keep notes can be shared with others, allowing you to collaborate on gathering information for a document. Changes sync in real-time so everyone is up to date.

5. Access Notes Anywhere

Since Keep syncs across devices, the notes you save or access in Docs on your computer will also be available on your phone and tablet through the Keep app.

Ways to Use Google Keep Within Google Docs

Here are some of the most helpful ways to utilize the Google Keep and Google Docs integration:

Take Quick Notes

Jot down ideas, key points from a meeting, or any other quick notes using the Keep sidebar. You can refer back to these later without sorting through a lengthy document.

Save Research

While researching a topic online, use the Keep Chrome extension to save websites, images, and other information to notes that you can then easily drag into your Doc.

Outline Documents

Create a Keep note for each section of an outline then organize them into your desired structure in your Doc. Easily rearrange sections by dragging and dropping notes.

Store Reference Material

Keep lengthy quotes, important data, or definitions handy in Keep notes that you can refer to while writing without cluttering up the main text.

Share Feedback

Collaborators can create Keep notes with feedback on certain sections of a shared Doc and pin them to the relevant location.

Track To-Dos

Make task checklists in Keep to capture follow-up items related to a document. Check them off as you complete them to stay organized.

Tips for Using Google Keep and Google Docs Together

Follow these tips to get the most out of the Google Keep and Google Docs integration:

  • Create a Doc note label – Label notes related to a specific document with its name or another relevant label so they’re easy to find.
  • Use the Chrome extension – Install the Keep Chrome extension to quickly save web pages and images to notes without leaving your browser.
  • Embed large notes – Rather than cluttering up a Doc, store large sections of text or images in a Keep note then embed it.
  • Make every note searchable – Give notes clear titles and include text descriptions of images so that any content you save to Keep from Docs can be easily searched later.
  • Share notes with collaborators – When working on group documents, create shared Keep notes for collecting feedback, resources, and other relevant information.

Additional Ways to Use Google Keep

Beyond integrating directly with Google Docs, Google Keep is also extremely helpful for:

  • Taking notes on mobile devices while on the go
  • Creating checklists and to-do lists
  • Setting location-based and time-based reminders
  • Recording voice memos that get automatically transcribed to text
  • Capturing ideas, websites, photos, and more using the Keep Chrome extension
  • Sharing notes and lists with family, friends, classmates, and team members

So if you aren’t already using Google Keep, try it out! And connect it with Google Docs to supercharge your productivity.

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