How to Insert the Degree Symbol in Microsoft Word

347710 How to Insert the Degree Symbol in Microsoft Word

The degree symbol (°) is commonly used across a range of documents from academic papers to weather reports. Inserting this symbol in Word can be done through various methods – some quicker than others. This guide will walk you through the top techniques for adding a degree symbol on both Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft Word.

Use the Insert Symbol Command

The Insert Symbol command allows you to browse all symbols and special characters supported by your font, making it easy to find and insert the degree mark.

Steps for Windows

  1. Click on the Insert tab in the Word ribbon
  2. Click on the Symbol dropdown menu and select More Symbols Insert Symbol dropdown menu
  3. This will bring up the Symbol dialog box
  4. Select the Special Characters tab
  5. Scroll down until you see the Degree Sign Degree symbol in Symbol dialog
  6. Click on the degree symbol to select it, then click Insert to add it to your document
    • You can also double-click the symbol to instantly insert it
  7. Click Close to close the dialog box

Steps for Mac

  1. Click on the Insert menu item in the Word menu bar
  2. Select Special Characters
  3. When the dialog box appears, select the Symbols tab
  4. Scroll down to find and double click on the Degree Sign to insert it

The Symbol command makes it easy to browse all available symbols organized by font family. This gives you flexibility to insert various special characters as needed in your document.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

For quick insertion, keyboard shortcuts can help you add the degree mark without navigating symbol menus.

Windows Shortcut

  • Alt + 0176 (on numeric keypad): Inserts the ° symbol. Make sure Num Lock is on when using this shortcut.

Mac Shortcut

  • Option + Shift + 8: Inserts the ° symbol

Tip: You can type a letter or number after inserting the symbol to continue typing as normal.

Keyboard shortcuts provide a fast way to insert the degree sign as you type, great for situations where you need to add it repeatedly in a document.

Leverage Word’s Built-in Shortcut

Word has a predefined shortcut for inserting the degree symbol:

  • Ctrl + Shift + @, then Spacebar

This built-in shortcut works the same in both Windows and Mac.

To use it:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + @
  2. Let go then press the Spacebar key
  3. The degree symbol will be inserted automatically

This method is fast and simple to use, making document-wide formatting easy.

Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcut

For more personalization, you can create your own custom keyboard shortcut for inserting the symbol:

Steps for Windows

  1. Go to File > Options
  2. Click Customize Ribbon on the left
  3. Under Keyboard shortcuts, click the Customize button Customize Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. In the Customize Keyboard dialog, select a keyboard shortcut you want to assign under Categories
  5. Under Commands, select Symbol
  6. Select the specific symbol you want to insert, in this case the Degree Sign
  7. Click Assign to assign the shortcut
  8. Click Close then OK to save changes

Next time you use the custom keyboard shortcut, it will insert the degree symbol.

Steps for Mac

  1. Go to Word > Preferences > Ribbon & Toolbar
  2. Click the Keyboard tab
  3. Assign a custom shortcut to the Symbol > Degree Sign command
  4. Click OK to save

Custom shortcuts give you more options to insert the symbol exactly how you prefer as you work.

Set Up an AutoCorrect Entry

AutoCorrect allows you to create an automatic replacement for text as you type. You can add an AutoCorrect entry to replace a specific letter combination or word with the ° symbol.

Steps for Windows and Mac

  1. Go to File > Options > Proofing (Windows) or Word > Preferences > AutoCorrect (Mac)
  2. Click the AutoCorrect Options button
  3. In the Replace field, enter the text you want to replace, like “deg” Add AutoCorrect Entry
  4. In the With field, insert a degree symbol
  5. Click Add to create the AutoCorrect entry
  6. Click OK to confirm

Now whenever you type the text you added in the Replace field, it will automatically change to the degree symbol. This is a handy tool if you use the degree mark frequently.

Use the Character Map (Windows)

The Character Map allows you to copy symbols and paste them into documents.


  1. Search for “Character Map” to launch the application
  2. Scroll to find the Degree Sign symbol
  3. Double click the symbol to select it, then click Copy Degree Symbol in Character Map
  4. Switch over to your Word document
  5. Paste the symbol:
    • Right-click and select Paste
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V
    • Go to the Home tab and click the Paste icon
    • Go to Edit > Paste in the Word menu

The symbol will appear in your document. Character Map provides an easy way to copy and paste symbols you use frequently into Word.


Whether you need to add a degree symbol once or repeatedly format an entire weather report, Word provides various handy options for inserting this useful special character.

The best method for you depends on the context:

  • For one-time use, the Symbol dialog or Character Map may be quickest
  • Keyboard shortcuts provide speedy insertion as you type
  • AutoCorrect can save time and effort for recurring needs
  • Custom shortcuts give you personalized options tailored to your workflow

With all these techniques at your fingertips, inserting the degree symbol into Word documents is simple. Take your pick from the options above and incorporate the ° mark effortlessly as needed in your academic, scientific, or other professional writing.

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