How to Create an Organization Chart on Microsoft Word

17618 How to Create an Organization Chart on Microsoft Word

An organization chart is a visual representation of a company’s hierarchy. It shows the relationships and reporting structure between different roles and positions within an organization.

Creating an org chart in Microsoft Word is easy thanks to the SmartArt feature. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to make an org chart from scratch using Word.

Why Create an Org Chart?

Here are some of the key benefits of having an org chart:

  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities
  • Shows the chain of command and decision-making hierarchy
  • Helps with onboarding new employees
  • Facilitates communication between teams and departments
  • Identifies gaps or areas of overlap within the organizational structure

In summary, a well-designed org chart makes it easier to understand the structure and workflow of your organization.

Step 1: Insert a SmartArt Graphic

To start, open a new Word document and go to the “Insert” tab. In the “Illustrations” group, click on “SmartArt”.

Insert SmartArt in Word

This will open up the Choose a SmartArt Graphic window.

Step 2: Select an Org Chart Layout

In the left pane, select the “Hierarchy” category, then choose the org chart layout you want from the main window.

For this example, we’ll use the “Organization Chart” layout under “Hierarchy”. Click on it to create a blank org chart.

Choose Org Chart Layout

You can hover over a layout to see what the final chart will look like before inserting it.

Step 3: Enter Text

Once your org chart is inserted, you’ll see a Text pane on the right side. This allows you to easily enter text into the corresponding shapes in the chart.

To get started, click on the top shape and type in the highest position or title. As you fill in each shape, the org chart builds from top to bottom.

Enter Text

You can also click directly on a shape in the chart to enter text there. Both options work equally well.

Step 4: Add More Shapes

No org chart contains just one level. To add additional boxes for more positions/roles:

  1. Click on the shape you want to add another level under
  2. Go to SmartArt Tools > Design tab
  3. Click “Add Shape” and select the position you want to add (Subordinate, Co-Worker, etc.)

Repeat this process until you’ve added all the necessary roles and positions for your organizational structure.

Add More Shapes

To promote or demote a shape, you can use the “Promote” and “Demote” buttons in the Design tab.

Step 5: Style and Format the Chart

Once your org chart structure is ready, you can customize the visual design easily in Word.

Here are some formatting options to try:

  • Change shape styles and colors under SmartArt Tools > Design tab
  • Add photos of people inside shapes
  • Adjust shape height and width for better fit
  • Add borders, shadows and 3D effects
  • Change font styles and sizes
  • Align the entire chart center, left or right

Play around with the formatting options until you have a sleek, professional org chart for your needs.

Format Org Chart

Step 6: Export and Share the Chart

When your org chart is ready, you can export it out of Word in multiple file formats:

  • PDF – Best for printing handouts
  • Image Files – Great for inserting into presentations, documents and websites
  • Word Doc – Retains all editing capabilities for future updates

To export, go to “File” > “Export” and select the file type.

Now you can easily share your org chart with relevant teams for maximum transparency!

Update the Chart as Your Company Changes

As your business grows and evolves, personnel and roles will change. Remember to update the Word org chart accordingly so that it always reflects the current organizational structure.

Simply open up the existing chart and edit the text in shapes or add/remove shapes as needed.

Having an up-to-date org chart ensures that new hires are properly onboarded and communication continues flowing smoothly.

Key Takeaways

Creating org charts in Word is simple with the built-in SmartArt feature. Follow these key steps:

  1. Insert a Hierarchy SmartArt
  2. Select an org chart layout
  3. Enter text for positions and roles
  4. Add or remove shapes as required
  5. Customize formatting for aesthetics
  6. Export and share the final chart

Maintaining this visual representation of your business hierarchy provides clarity across the organization.

We hope this guide was helpful for designing org charts in Word easily. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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