How to Insert Images in Google Docs

267734 How to Insert Images in Google Docs

Adding images to your Google Docs documents can make them more visually engaging and easier to understand. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn several methods for inserting images from various sources into your Docs files.

Upload Images from Your Computer

Uploading images stored on your computer is the easiest way to add visuals to Google Docs:

  • Click Insert > Image in the Docs toolbar
  • Select Upload from computer
  • Browse your local files and select the image
  • Click Insert

The image will now be added to your document.


  • Quick and easy
  • Full control over image choice


  • Limited to images saved on your device

Search the Web for Images

You can find and insert images hosted online into your Docs files:

  • Click Insert > Image in the toolbar
  • Choose Search the web
  • Enter keywords related to the image you need
  • Select the perfect image from the search results
  • Click Insert


  • Massive selection of images
  • Can find very specific images


  • Most images are copyrighted
  • Need internet connection

Insert Images from Google Drive

If you have images stored in Google Drive, you can add them to your Docs files:

  • Click Insert > Image
  • Select Drive
  • Navigate to the image file
  • Click Insert


  • Access images from anywhere
  • No need to download images


  • Limited to images in your Drive
  • Need internet connection

Insert Images from URL

You can insert an image by directly providing its URL:

  • Click Insert > Image
  • Choose By URL
  • Enter the full image URL
  • Click Insert


  • Insert any online image
  • Don’t need to save images locally


  • Most images are copyrighted
  • Need internet connection

Drag and Drop Images

For images saved on your computer, you can simply drag and drop:

  • Open the image file in File Explorer/Finder
  • Click and drag the image into your Docs file
  • Drop the image where you want it inserted


  • Very fast and easy
  • Intuitive for adding local images


  • Only works for locally stored images
  • Images need to be downloaded first

Copy and Paste Images

If an image is on your clipboard, you can paste it:

  • Copy image to clipboard
  • Click on desired insertion point in Docs file
  • Right click and select Paste image
  • Image will be embedded


  • Works for images from web pages
  • Saves time finding images


  • Need image copied to clipboard
  • Can only insert one image at a time

Edit Inserted Images

Once inserted, click on any image to bring up the editing toolbar. Here you can:

  • Resize the image by dragging its edges and corners
  • Move the image by clicking and dragging it
  • Change image wrapping to suit your layout
  • Add alt text for accessibility
  • Crop out unneeded parts of the image

Take advantage of these powerful tools to perfect the presentation of images in your Docs files.


Whether you want to add simple decorations, make complex diagrams, or illustrate key points, inserting images into Google Docs is easy. Follow the methods outlined here to swiftly enhance your documents with visuals.

Let your documents stand out with well-chosen, correctly formatted images that engage readers and strengthen your message. With practice, you’ll be able to create professional, visually polished Google Docs files.

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