How to Insert an Image Behind the Text in Google Docs

758844 How to Insert an Image Behind the Text in Google Docs

Inserting an image behind text in Google Docs allows you to add visual interest while keeping the text readable. It’s an easy way to create eye-catching documents.

Why Put an Image Behind Text?

Placing an image behind text serves several purposes:

  • It makes documents more visually appealing. The image acts as a background that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • It doesn’t detract from text readability. Since the text remains in front, it stays completely legible.
  • It adds context and enhances messaging. Choose images that reinforce what the text conveys.
  • It enables text pop. With a background image, the text stands out more.

Step-by-Step Guide

Putting an image behind text in Google Docs only takes a few simple steps:

Insert the Image

First, insert the image you want to use:

  1. Place your cursor where you want the image to go.
  2. Click Insert > Image.
  3. Select your image file and click Open.

The image will now be placed inline with your text by default.

Enable Text Wrapping

Next, enable text wrapping:

  1. Click on the image to open the sidebar.
  2. Click Text wrapping > Behind text.

This sends the image behind the existing text.

Adjust Image Transparency

Optionally, modify the image transparency:

  1. In the sidebar, click Adjustments.
  2. Drag the Transparency slider right to make the image more see-through behind the text.

Position the Text

Finally, move your text over the image:

  1. Place your cursor in the paragraph you want over the image.
  2. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the text over the image.

The text will now wrap around the image while remaining in front of it.

Image Positioning Tips

  • For more precise image placement, select Break text instead of Behind text so text remains above and below the image.
  • To move images behind only certain paragraphs, place your cursor above the paragraph, then use the arrow key to push the text and image down.
  • Overlapping text works best on high transparency images. Increase transparency if needed.

Why Google Docs?

Google Docs makes inserting images behind text simple without needing to use advanced desktop publishing or photo editing software. Benefits include:

  • Accessibility – Docs works on all devices and operating systems.
  • Collaboration – Multiple people can edit documents together.
  • Convenience – Docs saves automatically to the cloud for easy sharing and retrieval.
  • Free – Anyone can sign up for a free Google account and access Docs at no cost.

More Google Docs Tips

Take your documents further with these additional Google Docs features:

  • Add color overlays – Click Adjustments > Recolor in the image sidebar to apply a colored filter over photos.
  • Wrap text tightly – Choose Tight instead of Standard text wrapping to fit text closer to the image edges.
  • Layer images – Insert multiple images behind each other for a collage effect.
  • Animate images – Enable the Drawing tool to make GIFs from image sequences.
  • Link images – Add clickable links to external sites by selecting the chain link icon in the sidebar.


Placing images behind text in Google Docs helps make ordinary documents extraordinary. Follow the simple steps in this guide to overlay images while keeping text readable.

Let your documents make an impact! Insert relevant images behind text to capture attention and convey visual messages that text alone can’t achieve.

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