How to Insert a Signature Line in Google Docs

579856 How to Insert a Signature Line in Google Docs

Adding a signature line to your Google Docs documents is an easy way to make them look more professional and official. Whether you need to sign a contract, approve a document, or simply add a personal touch, this guide will show you how to insert a signature line on desktop and mobile.

Why Add a Signature Line

Here are some key reasons to add a signature line to your Google Docs:

  • Professionalism – A signature line gives your document a polished, official look. This can inspire confidence in the content.
  • Accountability – By signing your name, you take ownership and responsibility for the document.
  • Binding agreements – For legal contracts and approvals, a signature makes them valid and enforceable.
  • Personalization – Even for informal docs, a signature line adds a personal touch.

Methods to Insert a Signature Line

There are a few different ways to add a signature line in Google Docs. The best method for you depends on your operating system and preferences.

Use Google Drawings (All Platforms)

This method works on desktop or mobile:

  • Click Insert > Drawing > New
  • Select the Line tool, then click Scribble
  • Draw your signature with your mouse, trackpad, or finger
  • Click Save and Close
  • Resize/position the signature as needed

Insert Image (All Platforms)

You can also insert an image file of your signature:

  • Desktop: Click Insert > Image, then select your signature file
  • Mobile: Tap the + icon > Image, then select your signature file
  • Resize/position the image as needed

Add-ons (Desktop Only)

There are Google Docs add-ons that provide signature tools:

  • Click Add-ons > Get add-ons
  • Search for signature add-ons like “SignRequest”
  • Follow the prompts to insert signatures

Tips for Utilizing Signature Lines

Follow these best practices when adding signatures in Google Docs:

  • Consistency – Use the same style signature across your documents for branding.
  • Visibility – Make sure the font and size are legible.
  • Position – Put it in an intuitive location like under the signer’s name.
  • Intent – Make formal contracts clear with “e-signature” or “electronically signed.”

Inserting Signatures on Mobile

Adding a signature on your Android or iOS device is easy:


  • Tap Insert > Drawing > New
  • Select Scribble to draw, or Image to insert a file
  • Resize and position the signature


  • Tap the + icon > Drawing
  • Select Scribble to draw, or Image to insert a file
  • Resize and position the signature

And that’s it! With just a few taps, you can add a professional signature line to all your Google Docs.

More Tips for Polished Google Docs

Now that you know how to insert signatures, here are some additional tips for making your Google Docs look clean and professional:

Use Consistent Formatting

Format your documents with uniform fonts, headings, spacing, etc. This makes them look crisp and cohesive.

Break up Text

Use short paragraphs, bullet points, and bold text to make large blocks of text easier to read.

Add Page Numbers

Page numbers give your documents structure. Insert them with Insert > Page numbers.

Use Document Templates

Templates provide layouts and designs suited for different purposes like resumes, reports, letters, etc.

So try adding a signature line to your next Google Doc! Combined with these other tips, it can take your documents to the next level of professional polish.

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