How to Flip Image in Google Docs

7623 How to Flip Image in Google Docs

Flipping or rotating images in documents can greatly improve the layout, draw attention to key points, or correct unintended rotations. Fortunately, Google Docs makes flipping images simple with just a few clicks.

While you can’t flip images directly in the document itself, you can use the integrated Drawing tool. This allows flipping the image horizontally (left-right) or vertically (up-down).

The main steps to flip an image in Google Docs are:

  • Copy the image and paste it into the Drawing tool
  • Select the pasted image and choose “Rotate”
  • Click “Flip horizontally” or “Flip vertically”

The flipped image can then be inserted back into your document.

Steps to Flip an Image

Follow these steps to easily flip an image in Google Docs:

  • Open the document and click on the image you want to flip to select it
  • Copy the image by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + C or right-click > Copy
  • Click Insert > Drawing > New to open a blank Drawing canvas
  • Paste the image by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + V or right-click > Paste onto the Drawing canvas
  • Click the pasted image to select it, then click the “Rotate” option in the toolbar
  • Choose either “Flip horizontally” or “Flip vertically” depending on the orientation you need
  • Click the Save and Close button in the top-right to insert the flipped image into your document

You can now reposition and resize the flipped image as needed in your document.

Alternative Method

Here is an alternative method to flip images in Google Docs:

  • Insert the image directly into the Drawing canvas using Insert > Drawing > From Drive
  • Select the image then choose Rotate > Flip horizontally/vertically
  • Save and Close the Drawing to insert the flipped image into your document

This avoids having to copy/paste but may be less convenient depending on where your image files are stored.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for working with images in Google Docs:

  • Use the Crop tool to remove unwanted parts of an image
  • Add borders, shadows, transparency, and filters using the Image options
  • Resize images proportionally with the blue handles or manually with the Image dimensions settings
  • Rotate images 90 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise using the Rotate options
  • Hold Shift while resizing to retain image proportions and avoid distortion
  • Right-click images and use the Picture format options to fine-tune settings
  • Use text wrapping to control how images and text flow together
  • Layer images In front of or Behind text to adjust visibility
  • Set images as page backgrounds using File > Page setup in the menu bar

Mastering image editing and layout in Docs takes your documents to the next level.


Flipping images in Google Docs only takes a few clicks once you know how to leverage the built-in Drawing tool. This opens up new creative possibilities for image orientations and layouts.

Along with flipping, you can crop, rotate, resize, and format images to craft visually engaging documents. So don’t be afraid to experiment with images in your next Docs project!