How to Disable Google Docs Sync

270843 How to Disable Google Docs Sync

Google Docs is a powerful online document editing and collaboration tool. It allows you to create, edit, store, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more – all within your web browser.

One of the key features of Google Docs is the ability to sync your files across devices. This means any changes you make on one device will automatically sync to all your other connected devices.

However, there may be times when you want to disable syncing for some or all of your Google Docs files. Here are a few reasons why:

Reasons to Disable Google Docs Sync

  • Save storage space on devices
  • Work on documents offline
  • Keep certain documents private
  • Troubleshoot sync issues
  • Prevent accidental overwrites

Fortunately, Google Docs makes it easy to disable sync on a per file or account-wide basis. Here’s how.

Disable Sync for Individual Files

To stop syncing for individual Google Docs files:

  1. Open Google Drive on the web
  2. Right-click on the file
  3. Select Remove from sync
  4. Confirm removing sync

The file will now show as “Offline” and will only be accessible through the Google Drive website.


  • Target specific files to remove from sync
  • Other files remain synced


  • Need to repeat for each file
  • Easy to forget which files are synced

Pause Sync in Google Drive App

You can temporarily pause all Google Drive syncing from the Backup and Sync desktop app:

  1. Click the Backup and Sync icon in system tray
  2. Select Pause syncing
  3. Syncing will halt until you resume


  • Quick way to pause all sync
  • Doesn’t disconnect account


  • Have to remember to resume later
  • Applies to entire Google Drive

Disable Sync in Google Drive Settings

To completely disable Google Docs syncing across your Google account:

  1. Go to Google Drive settings
  2. Under “Offline,” uncheck the box to disable
  3. Confirm turning off sync

Now no files will sync, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides.


  • Single toggle disables all sync
  • Persists across devices


  • Lose ability to collaborate offline
  • Have to re-enable later to sync

Use Third-Party Alternative

If you want to keep using Google Drive but disable Google Docs sync specifically, consider a third-party tool like Insync or Multcloud.

These tools allow selective sync so you can choose which files/folders to sync or not.


  • Selective control over file sync
  • Integrates with Google Drive


  • Additional software to install
  • Potential compatibility issues


In summary, there are a few easy ways to disable Google Docs syncing depending on your specific needs:

  • Remove individual files from sync
  • Pause/resume sync in Backup and Sync
  • Toggle account-wide sync in Drive settings
  • Use third-party sync software

Disabling sync can help manage storage, privacy, and prevent editing conflicts. Just be aware you may lose offline collaboration abilities.

Hope this guide gives you the control you need over Google Docs sync! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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