How to Create Tables in Google Docs

434317 How to Create Tables in Google Docs


Tables allow you to organize information in rows and columns, making data easier to read and analyze. Google Docs makes it simple to create and format tables right within your documents.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Insert a table
  • Add and delete rows and columns
  • Populate tables with content
  • Format and customize table appearance
  • Sort table data
  • Split and merge table cells

Follow along with the step-by-step instructions below to start incorporating tables into your Docs.

Insert a Table

To add a table to your document:

  1. Click Insert > Table in the Docs toolbar
  2. Hover over the grid to choose the number of columns and rows you want
  3. Select the cell dimensions for your table

A blank table with the specified rows and columns will now appear in your document.

You can also right-click within your document and select Insert table to add a table.

Add and Delete Rows and Columns

To add rows or columns:

  • Rows: Click the Add row button above or below the table
  • Columns: Click the Add column button to the left or right of the table

To delete rows or columns:

  1. Click within the row or column you want to delete
  2. Click the trash can icon

The row or column will be removed from the table.

Populate Tables

To add content to your table cells:

  1. Click within a cell
  2. Type your text or other content
  3. Press Tab to move to the next cell

Repeat this process until you’ve filled the table. You can navigate through cells with the arrow keys as well.

Format Table Appearance

There are several ways to customize the look of your table:

Change alignment

  1. Select table cells
  2. Click the alignment icons to align text left, centered, or right within the cells

Add borders

  1. Right-click your table
  2. Select Table properties > Table border
  3. Choose a border width, style, and color

Adjust column widths

  1. Hover over the vertical line at the edge of a column
  2. When the cursor changes to a double-sided arrow, drag left/right to resize

Change background color

  1. Select table cells
  2. Click the Background color toolbar icon
  3. Choose a color

Experiment with borders, shading, alignment, and width to get your table looking just right.

Sort Table Data

To sort your table by a column:

  1. Select the column
  2. Click Sort from the toolbar
  3. Choose to sort A-Z or Z-A

The entire table, including other columns, will reorder based on the sorted column.

Split and Merge Cells

Merge cells

To merge table cells into one larger cell:

  1. Select the cells
  2. Right click and choose Merge cells

Split cells

To split a cell that spans multiple columns/rows:

  1. Select the cell
  2. Right click and choose Split cells

Adjust spans and merges to suit your table layout needs.


With this guide, you should now feel comfortable creating and styling tables in Google Docs. Take your time to play around with the various formatting options.

Tables are extremely useful for arranging all types of documents from schedules to reports. Don’t be afraid to experiment – you can always undo changes or delete the table entirely.

As you become more proficient, consider using keyboard shortcuts to navigate and edit tables faster. Refer to Google’s list of table shortcuts.

Happy table building! Let tables help enhance your Docs.

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