How to Comment on Google Docs

311067 How to Comment on Google Docs

Collaborating on documents is easier than ever with Google Docs. The built-in commenting feature allows you to give feedback and discuss changes right within the document.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to add, edit, reply to, and manage comments in Google Docs.

Why Use Comments in Google Docs

Here are some of the key benefits of using comments:

  • Discuss edits and provide feedback without cluttering up the document
  • Assign action items and to-do lists
  • Communicate questions and ideas in real-time
  • Track changes and see a history of discussions
  • Improve team collaboration on documents

Add Comments in Google Docs

Adding comments is simple:

  1. Highlight the text, image, cells, or slides you want to comment on
  2. Click the Add comment Add comment icon in the toolbar
  3. Type your comment in the box on the right
  4. Click Comment to post it

Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut:

  • Windows/ChromeOS: Ctrl + Alt + M
  • Mac: ⌘ + Option + M

Add comment box

You can also right-click selected text and choose Comment from the menu.

Tag People in Comments

To notify someone about a comment, tag them using @:

  1. Type @ in the comment box
  2. Start typing the person’s name or email address
  3. Select them from the options

You can also assign action items to tagged collaborators.

Edit or Delete Comments

To manage an existing comment:

  1. Click on the comment to open it
  2. Choose Edit or Delete below your comment text
  3. Click Save after editing or Delete comment to confirm

Reply to Comments

Carry on discussions by replying to comments:

  1. Open the comment thread
  2. Click Add a reply at the bottom
  3. Type your reply
  4. Click Reply to post it

View Comment History

See all comments for the document in one place:

  1. Click the Comment history Comment history icon
  2. Scroll through comments
  3. Click a comment to jump to its location
  4. Filter comments with the menu on the left

Resolve Comment Threads

Once you’re done discussing a comment, resolve the thread:

  1. Open the comment
  2. Click Resolve above the comment text

The comment will be marked as resolved but still visible in the history.

Adjust Comment Settings

Customize how and when you’re notified about comments:

  1. Click File > Notifications
  2. Choose your preferences
  3. Click Save changes

And that’s it! With these steps, you can discuss changes, give feedback, and collaborate seamlessly with your team using Google Docs comments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commenting in Google Docs

Here are answers to some common questions about Google Docs comments:

Can you add comments on mobile?

Yes, you can add, view, and reply to comments in the Google Docs mobile apps for iOS and Android. The process is the same as on desktop.

Why can’t I comment?

If commenting is disabled, make sure you have permission to comment. Ask the document owner to change your permission to Commenter or Editor.

How do I print comments?

When printing from Google Chrome, comments will automatically be included. In other browsers, click File > Print, then check Include comments.

Can I export comments to Word?

Yes! Download the Google Doc as a Word file, and comments will be converted to Word comment bubbles.

What’s the difference between comments and suggestions?

Comments are notes and discussions attached to parts of the document. Suggested edits show specific changes made to the text, like tracked changes.

Best Practices for Google Docs Comments

Here are some top tips for using comments effectively:

  • Be concise – Keep comments short and to the point
  • Be specific – Comment on particular sections or edits
  • Be constructive – Focus comments on solutions and improvements
  • Use mentions – Tag relevant people to loop them in
  • Resolve promptly – Mark comments as resolved once addressed
  • Limit notifications – Only get notified when necessary

Following best practices will lead to streamlined discussions and fruitful collaboration!

We covered everything you need to know about adding, managing, and collaborating with comments in Google Docs. With these simple steps, you can give better feedback, communicate ideas more clearly, and boost teamwork.

Try out comments on your next collaborative document and take your teamwork to the next level!

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