How to Add Shapes in Google Docs

122886 How to Add Shapes in Google Docs

Adding shapes to your Google Docs can help visually organize information, create diagrams and flowcharts, and make your documents more visually appealing. Google Docs has a built-in drawing tool that allows you to easily insert shapes, arrows, lines, and other graphics into your documents.

Access the Drawing Tool

To access the drawing tool:

  1. Open the Google Docs document you want to add a shape to.
  2. Click Insert > Drawing > New. This will open up a drawing canvas where you can create shapes.

Select a Shape

The drawing tool offers a variety of shape options to choose from:

  • Click the Shape icon to select from common shapes like rectangles, circles, arrows, stars, and more.
  • Click the Line icon to select from diagonal lines, straight lines, curved lines, elbow connectors, and more.
  • Click the Basic Shapes icon to access simple shapes like squares, triangles, diamonds, and ovals.

Once you select a shape, your cursor will change. Click and drag your mouse on the document to draw the shape to the size you want.

Customize the Shape

You can customize the shape in a few ways after inserting:

  • Resize – Click and drag the round handles on the edges and corners of the shape to resize it.
  • Recolor – Click the shape, then open the Color menu to choose a new fill or outline color.
  • Add text – Double click inside the shape to add text. Format it like regular text.

Organize Shapes

To better organize multiple shapes:

  • Group – Select multiple shapes and right-click to group them so they move together.
  • Order – Right-click a shape and choose Order to send it forward or backward.
  • Align – Select multiple shapes, right-click, and choose Align to line them up.

Create a Flowchart

The drawing tool is perfect for flowcharts and diagrams. For example:

  1. Select the Shape icon and choose a rectangle.
  2. Draw the first step of the flowchart.
  3. Double click in the shape and type the text.
  4. Click the Line icon and choose the elbow connector.
  5. Hover between two shapes to connect them with the line.
  6. Repeat adding shapes and connector lines as needed.

Insert Other Graphics

In addition to shapes, you can insert other graphics:

  • Word art – Stylized text formatted as a graphic.
  • Images – Upload or link to images to insert them.
  • Charts – Create charts using Google Sheets data.
  • Equations – Use LaTeX to insert mathematical equations.


  • Use shapes in presentations, posters, invitations, brochures, and more.
  • Hold Shift while drawing a shape to keep the proportions.
  • Right-click a shape and cut/copy/paste to duplicate it.
  • Anchor a shape to a paragraph so it moves with the text.

With the built-in drawing tool, adding and customizing shapes in Google Docs is quick and easy. Use shapes and other graphics to enhance your documents!

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