How to Add Caption to Image in Google Docs

361608 How to Add Caption to Image in Google Docs

Adding captions to images in Google Docs can enhance readability and provide additional context. There are a few methods to insert image captions, depending on your needs:

Use Inline Text

The simplest option is to use inline text:

  • Insert your image and click on it
  • Select the “Inline text wrap” option below the image
  • Click below the image and type your caption text
  • Format the text using options in the toolbar


  • Simple and straightforward
  • Easy text formatting


  • Captions move with image
  • Text wrap limitations

Utilize Tables

You can also use tables to add captions:

  • Insert your image
  • Insert a 1×2 table below it
  • Insert image in top cell, caption text in bottom cell
  • Customize cell margins to overlap image


  • More positioning flexibility
  • Keep captions with images


  • Text wrap constrained by table
  • Captions hidden if table overlaps too much

Leverage Drawing Tools

Google Drawings provide more customization options:

  • Insert image as a drawing
  • Add a text box below for the caption
  • Customize text box properties as needed
  • Save back to Google Doc


  • Full design control
  • Text wraps around caption box


  • More steps involved
  • Must open drawing to edit caption

Use Add-Ons

Add-ons like Caption Maker can automate caption insertion:

  • Install Caption Maker add-on
  • Select image and click “Captionize”
  • Choose caption position and formatting


  • Auto-numbers sequential captions
  • Applies bulk captions easily


  • Limited style options
  • Requires add-on installation

Key Recommendations

When adding captions in Google Docs, consider:

  • Document layout and formatting needs
  • Whether captions will need frequent editing
  • Options to automate repetitive tasks

The best approach depends on your specific goals and preferences. All methods allow you to enhance images with descriptive text captions.


Adding captions in Google Docs is simple once you know the available options. While native support is limited, features like inline text, tables, and drawings provide workarounds. Third-party add-ons can also help streamline repetitive caption tasks.

With some strategic planning and clever use of tools, you can produce professional, polished documents with effective image captions. Focus on what will maximize quality while optimizing workflow efficiency.

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