How to Add a Watermark in Microsoft Word for Mac

450989 How to Add a Watermark in Microsoft Word for Mac

Adding a watermark in Microsoft Word for Mac is easy and allows you to customize your documents. Watermarks can indicate a document’s status, prevent unauthorized copying, or simply add visual interest.

Benefits of watermarks:

  • Indicate a document is a draft or confidential
  • Discourage unauthorized copying
  • Add visual interest
  • Brand a document with your logo

Types of watermarks:

  • Text – Add a text watermark like “Confidential”
  • Image – Add a logo or graphic as the watermark

How to Insert a Watermark

Follow these simple steps to insert a watermark in Word for Mac:

  • Open the document and select the Design tab
  • Click Watermark in the Page Background group
  • Choose a preset watermark or create a custom one

Preset text watermarks:

  • Draft
  • Confidential
  • Do not copy
  • Sample

Custom text watermarks:

  • Type any text
  • Customize font, size, color, and transparency

Custom image watermarks:

  • Select any image file from your computer
  • Customize size and transparency

Customizing Your Watermark

Customize your watermark to suit your needs:

  • Text – Enter any text for your watermark
  • Font – Choose font type, size, and color
  • Transparency – Set transparency level
  • Size – Adjust size of text or image
  • Layout – Select horizontal or diagonal orientation

Saving Custom Watermarks

Easily reuse custom watermarks between documents:

  • With watermark inserted, double click the header
  • Select the watermark, go to Design tab
  • Click Save Selection to Watermark Gallery
  • Name your watermark and click OK

Saved watermarks will appear in the watermark gallery for easy insertion.

Watermark Tips

  • Preview before printing to ensure proper placement
  • Test different transparency levels
  • Use a light watermark color to minimize visibility
  • Place diagonally to prevent blocking text
  • Add to all pages or just the first

Removing or Editing Watermarks

  • Double click the header and select the watermark
  • Make edits or delete to remove

Or remove from the Design tab:

  • Click Watermark
  • Select Remove Watermark

Securing Documents

While watermarks can discourage copying, they do not prevent editing or removing. For stronger protection:

  • Password protect the document
  • Encrypt the file
  • Convert to PDF

Watermarks let you brand and add visual interest to Word documents. Follow the insertion steps to quickly add preset or custom text and image watermarks. Customize font, size, color and more to suit your needs.