How to Add a Full Set of Free Emojis to Microsoft Word

915436 How to Add a Full Set of Free Emojis to Microsoft Word

Emojis can add a fun and creative touch to your Microsoft Word documents. While Word has some basic emoji support, the selection is limited. Fortunately, you can install a free add-in called Emoji Keyboard to access over 1,300 emoji icons.

Benefits of Using Emojis

Here are some of the benefits of using emojis:

  • Make your documents more visually engaging and fun
  • Enhance communication and connection with readers
  • Add creativity and personalization
  • Break up long blocks of text

Emojis are especially helpful for less formal documents like internal communications, newsletters, flyers, etc. When used appropriately, they can make your content more approachable, memorable, and shareable.

Downloading Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard is available for free from the Microsoft Office Store. Here’s how to download and install it:

  1. Open a Word document and select the Insert tab
  2. Click on the Store icon
  3. Search for “Emoji Keyboard”
  4. Click Add to install the add-in

Once installed, you’ll see a new Emoji Keyboard option under the Insert tab.

Using Emoji Keyboard

Adding emojis from Emoji Keyboard is simple:

  1. Place your cursor where you want the emoji
  2. Go to Insert > Emoji Keyboard
  3. A panel with over 1,300 emoji icons will appear
  4. Scroll to browse or use the search bar to find a specific emoji
  5. Click the emoji to add it to your document

Tips for using Emoji Keyboard:

  • Resize emojis by dragging the corners
  • Try different emoji skin tones
  • Use emojis sparingly, no more than 2-3 per paragraph
  • Avoid overusing emojis or using too many different ones

Here’s an example of a paragraph with emojis:

I used Emoji Keyboard to add some fun visuals to this document! 😊 The add-in makes it so easy to find and insert emojis. I was able to browse different categories like smileys 😀, food 🍕, animals 🐶, and more. My favorite feature is the search bar – I can find the perfect emoji without scrolling through everything. I’m looking forward to enhancing my Word docs with emojis! 🤩

Emoji Support Across Platforms

A key benefit of Emoji Keyboard is that the emojis will display properly across different platforms including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

So you can share your Word documents containing emojis with others without issues. The emojis may look slightly different depending on the platform, but they will show up.

Tips for Using Emojis

Here are some additional tips for working with emojis:

  • Use emojis purposefully: Don’t overdo it. Sprinkle in just a few relevant emojis to visually support your content.
  • Consider context and audience: Emojis may not be suitable for formal business documents. Gauge whether your readers will appreciate them.
  • Try different sizes: Resize larger emojis for visual impact, or keep them small as garnish.
  • Experiment with skin tones: Use diverse skin tones to be inclusive.
  • Balance text and emojis: Let emojis complement your text, not overtake it. Don’t use more than 2-3 per paragraph.

Enhance Your Documents

Emoji Keyboard makes it easy to add emojis to Microsoft Word, enhancing your documents with fun visuals. The free add-in provides access to over 1,300 emoji icons that are supported across platforms. Carefully incorporate emojis to create lively, engaging content that stands out!

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