The 4 Best Plagiarism Checkers for Google Docs

623665 The 4 Best Plagiarism Checkers for Google Docs

Plagiarism is a major issue in academia and content creation. With the wealth of information available online, it can be tempting to copy others’ work. Using plagiarism checkers is an effective way to ensure content originality.

Google Docs is one of the most popular online document editors. Its flexibility, accessibility, and collaborative features make it a top choice for students, teachers, writers, and marketers alike. This article will explore the best plagiarism checkers specifically designed for Google Docs.

The Importance of Plagiarism Checking

Catching plagiarized content is critical for maintaining credibility and upholding ethical standards. Plagiarism checkers compare submissions against extensive databases to identify duplication. This protects writers from accusations and helps improve originality.

For students, running plagiarism checks is crucial for academic integrity. Getting caught plagiarizing can lead to failing grades, disciplinary action, or even expulsion. For professional writers, reusing others’ work without attribution can damage reputations and violate copyright.

Overall, plagiarism checking is an essential quality assurance process. The top Google Docs plagiarism checkers make this quick and easy.

1. Unicheck

Unicheck is an advanced plagiarism detection service trusted by over 400 educational institutions. Their Google Docs add-on provides an efficient in-document checking experience.

Key Features:

  • Color-coded similarity report shown directly in the Google Doc
  • Filters to customize detection parameters
  • Support for image and PDF checking
  • Custom similarity percentage thresholds
  • Usage analytics dashboard


  • Free version with limited checks
  • Premium plans starting at $7.48 per month

Unicheck’s specialized focus on academic integrity makes it the top choice for educators and students. Convenient in-document feedback and flexible customization give it an edge over competitors.


PlagiarismCheck provides a fast, accurate Google Docs add-on trusted by over 700 universities worldwide. It’s an ideal simplified solution for writers seeking to verify content originality.

Key Features:

  • Straightforward similarity percentage score
  • Quick document rescanning to check edits
  • Adjustable plagiarism detection parameters
  • Multi-language support


  • 500 free words per day for teachers/students
  • Individual and business plans from $7.95 per month

For individual writers or teams producing lots of content, PlagiarismCheck is a robust plagiarism screening tool. The focus on speed and simplicity in plagiarism reporting makes this a leading choice.

3. Plagly

Plagly takes a quality over quantity approach, using advanced algorithms to deliver precision plagiarism detection. The browser extension seamlessly integrates checks into the Google Docs editing workflow.

Key Features:

  • Grammar and spelling check
  • Percentage score and highlighted matches
  • Customizable plagiarism thresholds
  • Website crawler to check appropriated content


  • Limited free version
  • Premium packages from $7 per month

For bloggers, marketing writers, and SEO professionals, Plagly provides an automated assistant to refine content and confirm originality. The combination of writing improvement tools with plagiarism protection makes Plagly a versatile option.

4. Plagiarism Detector

This free plagiarism checker prioritizes ease of use for individuals and small teams. It lacks some advanced features but provides capable basic plagiarism screening.

Key Features:

  • Free and unlimited checks
  • Percentage score reporting
  • Drag and drop upload
  • Manual website crawl option


  • 100% free version with unlimited checks
  • No premium version

For writers and students on a budget, Plagiarism Detector strikes an excellent balance between utility and accessibility. The unlimited free checks make this tool a handy entry-level plagiarism screening solution.

How to Check for Plagiarism in Google Docs

Using a plagiarism checker add-on is simple:

  1. Open the Google Doc
  2. Click “Add-ons” and select “Get add-ons”
  3. Search for the plagiarism checker
  4. Click “Install” to add it
  5. When ready to check, select the add-on from the toolbar
  6. Choose either entire document or a portion to scan
  7. Review the plagiarism report

Adjust checker settings as needed to ignore quotes, alter similarity thresholds, and customize detections.


Maintaining content originality is critical for writers in all fields. The best Google Docs plagiarism checkers outlined here provide efficient and accurate duplication detection to protect credibility.

Whether you’re a student checking an essay, a marketer verifying a blog post, or a writer screening a manuscript, these plagiarism checkers will catch copied text. Robust databases, smart algorithms, and seamless Google Docs integration empower you to confidently confirm content authenticity.

Try out the Unicheck, PlagiarismCheck, Plagly, and Plagiarism Detector add-ons to keep your Google Docs content truly original.

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