How to Zoom in On Microsoft Word 2013

557078 How to Zoom in On Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 includes several options to zoom in or out on your document, allowing you to view text and images at different magnifications. Here are the main ways to control zooming in Word 2013.

Use the Zoom Slider

The easiest way to zoom in and out is with the Zoom slider in the bottom-right corner of the Word window:

  • Drag the slider right to zoom in and enlarge the text
  • Drag the slider left to zoom back out and shrink the text
  • The number to the right of the slider shows the current zoom percentage


  • Double-click the zoom percentage to restore to 100%
  • Click the + and – buttons to zoom by 10% increments

Set an Exact Zoom Percentage

For precise control, you can set an exact zoom percentage:

  1. Click the View tab
  2. Click Zoom in the Zoom group
  3. Enter a number in the Percent box
  4. Click OK


  • 125% to zoom in more
  • 80% to zoom out more
  • 100% to return to normal size

Use the Zoom Buttons

The View tab also contains handy Zoom buttons:

  • Zoom: Opens the zoom percentage dialog
  • 100%: Returns zoom to 100%
  • One Page: Fits one whole page in the window
  • Two Pages: Fits two pages side-by-side
  • Page Width: Fits page width in window

Zoom with the Keyboard

To zoom without using the mouse:

  • Ctrl + Plus: Zoom in
  • Ctrl + Minus: Zoom out
  • Ctrl + 0 (Zero): 100% zoom

You can also use the keyboard to open the Zoom dialog box by pressing Alt + W + Q.

Zoom with the Mouse Wheel

If your mouse has a scroll wheel:

  • Ctrl + Scroll Up: Zoom in
  • Ctrl + Scroll Down: Zoom out

The zoom will increment by 10% each scroll.

Zoom Images and Objects

Word 2013 lets you zoom in on specific objects like pictures:

  • Double-click the object to zoom in
  • Double-click again to zoom back out

This fills the window with the image for close inspection.

Customize the Default Zoom

To set the default zoom level for all new Word documents:

  1. Create a new blank document
  2. Set your desired zoom percentage
  3. Press Ctrl + S to save
  4. This will now be the default zoom for new documents

Tip: Add a character and delete it before saving to force Word to update the template normal.dotm.

Split Zoom with Multiple Windows

You can also zoom in on one part of the document in one window while viewing the rest of the document in another window:

  1. Click View > Window > Split
  2. Zoom in on one split window
  3. Scroll or edit the other window independently

This helps when working on detailed sections that need magnification.

By mastering these zooming methods, you can easily control the magnification of text and images in Word 2013. Let the document zoom features help optimize your Word view.

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