How to Use the Dictionary in Google Docs

727098 How to Use the Dictionary in Google Docs

Using the dictionary in Google Docs can be incredibly helpful for improving your writing. The built-in dictionary allows you to quickly look up words to check definitions, synonyms, pronunciations, and more without ever leaving your document.

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to using the Google Docs dictionary feature to enhance your writing.

Accessing the Dictionary

Accessing the dictionary in Google Docs is simple. Here are the steps:

Highlight a Word

The easiest way is to highlight a word in your document that you want to look up. Simply highlight the word with your cursor.

Right Click the Highlighted Word

After highlighting a word, right click on it. This will pull up a menu.

Select “Define”

In the menu that pops up, select “Define.” This will open the dictionary sidebar.

Open Dictionary Sidebar

You can also open the dictionary sidebar manually without highlighting a word first. Click on “Tools” in the top toolbar and select “Dictionary” from the drop-down menu.

Using the Dictionary Sidebar

Once the dictionary sidebar is open, you can look up any word definitions with ease.

Search for a Word

Type the word you want to define into the search bar at the top of the sidebar. Hit enter or click the search icon to look it up.

View Definitions

The dictionary will then display the word, its pronunciation, part of speech, and definitions below the search bar. Multiple definitions will be shown if there are different meanings.

See Synonyms

Under definitions, you’ll also find synonyms for the searched word. You can click these synonyms to look up their definitions.

Listen to Pronunciations

Next to words in the dictionary sidebar, there is a speaker icon. Click this to hear the audio pronunciation.

Enhancing Your Writing

Looking up words in the Google Docs dictionary can enhance your writing in several ways:

Improve Vocabulary

Seeing definitions, synonyms, and hearing pronunciations expands your overall vocabulary.

Check Word Usage

Viewing multiple definitions ensures you pick the right meaning for the context.

Find Alternative Words

Getting synonyms gives you more options to vary word choice.

Verify Spellings

Seeing the correct spelling, especially for difficult words, helps avoid errors.

Increase Accuracy

Checking words improves the accuracy of what you write.


The Google Docs dictionary is an invaluable yet underutilized tool for writers. Following this simple guide, you can now easily access definitions, synonyms, pronunciations, and more directly within documents. Use the dictionary whenever you’re unsure about a word’s meaning or spelling. It will aid vocabulary growth, refine writing style, boost accuracy, and prevent mistakes. The dictionary helps take your writing to the next level!