How to Remove Page Numbers From Certain Pages in Google Docs

541638 How to Remove Page Numbers From Certain Pages in Google Docs

Google Docs allows users to easily add page numbers to documents to help keep pages organized. However, there may be times when you need to remove page numbers from specific pages, like a cover page or table of contents. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove page numbers from certain pages in Google Docs.

Use Section Breaks

The key to removing page numbers from only some pages is using section breaks. Section breaks allow you to divide your document into separate sections and format each one independently:

Insert Section Breaks

  1. Place your cursor at the end of the page right before the one you want the page numbers removed from.
  2. Go to Insert > Break and select Next Page or Section Break Next Page.

This will create a new section starting on the next page.

Remove Page Numbers

  1. Double click on the header or footer of the section you want to remove numbers from.
  2. Uncheck the box next to Link to previous to unlink it from the previous section.
  3. Delete the page number.

The page numbers will now only be removed from that section.

Don’t Show Page Number on First Page

Another easy way to remove page numbers from one page is to not show it on the first page:

  1. Go to Insert > Page Numbers.
  2. Check the box next to Different first page.
  3. Click Apply.

This will add page numbers throughout the document except for page one.

Remove Numbers from Specific Pages

To remove page numbers from any individual pages:

  1. Insert a Next Page section break before and after the pages you want unnumbered.
  2. Follow the steps above to unlink the section and remove the numbers.

Formatting Tips

Here are some additional formatting tips when working with page numbers in Google Docs:

  • Restart numbering mid-document: Insert a section break and unlink from the previous section to restart numbering wherever you want.
  • Add text before/after: Click the page number and type text before or after the number.
  • Change number format: Right click the number and choose a different format like numerals or Roman numerals.
  • Align page numbers: Click and drag the number to move its placement in the header/footer.


Here are some common troubleshooting issues when removing page numbers in Google Docs:

Page numbers disappeared from entire document: When unlinking a section, make sure to only remove numbers from that section.

Text won’t format correctly: You may need to unlink sections if styling like headers or page sizes are inconsistent.

Numbers overlap: Adjust alignment or positioning so numbers don’t overlap with other text.

Page count incorrect: Your page count can become inaccurate if section numbering isn’t continuous. Try relinking sections.


Removing page numbers from specific pages in Google Docs is simple once you know how to use section breaks. This allows you to divide your document into parts and format page numbers independently. Just remember to unlink sections before removing numbers so they stay intact on other pages. With these tips, you can easily customize page numbering to fit your unique document needs.

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