How to Move a Page in Google Docs

Image 054 How to Move a Page in Google Docs

Moving pages in Google Docs can be tricky since there is no built-in feature to easily reorder pages. However, with a few simple steps, you can cut and paste content to rearrange pages within a document or move pages to an entirely new document.

Prepare Your Document

Before moving anything around, take a few minutes to prepare your document to make the process smoother:

  • Add distinct titles or headings to the top of each page – This will help you identify and organize content.
  • Enable the navigation pane – Go to View > Show Navigation Pane. This displays an outline of document headings on the left side to help you navigate.
  • Show print layout – Go to View > Show Print Layout to visually separate pages.

Move Pages Within the Same Document

If you just need to rearrange a few pages within the same file, here are the steps:

  1. Select the entire contents of the page you want to move. Click and drag to highlight everything on the page – text, images, etc.
  2. Cut the selected content. Press Ctrl/⌘ + X on your keyboard or right-click and select Cut.
  3. Navigate to the location where you want to paste the content.
  4. Insert a new blank page by pressing Ctrl/⌘ + Enter.
  5. Paste the content by pressing Ctrl/⌘ + V or right-clicking and selecting Paste.
  6. Repeat steps for any other pages you want to rearrange.

Move Pages to a New Document

If reordering many pages or maintaining formatting, copy content into an entirely new doc:

  1. Open the original document and create a new blank document in another tab.
  2. Select and copy (Ctrl/⌘ + C) the contents of the first page you want to move.
  3. Paste (Ctrl/⌘ + V) the content into the new doc.
  4. Repeat to copy/paste each page in the desired order.
  5. Add, edit, format content in the new document.
  6. When done, delete the original document so only the reorganized one remains.


  • Break content into sections using headings. This provides structure you can easily navigate when reordering.
  • Master keyboard shortcuts for cutting, copying and pasting to optimize efficiency.
  • Work in print layout view to clearly see page separations.

Rearranging pages in Google Docs may seem tricky, but with the right preparation and these step-by-step guides, you’ll be able to move pages around quickly. Use the navigation pane and keyboard shortcuts to streamline the process even more. With a little practice, you’ll be reordering documents with ease!