How to Make Header Only on First Page Google Docs

880656 How to Make Header Only on First Page Google Docs
  1. Open your Google Docs document
  2. Go to “Insert” > “Headers and Footers” > “Header” or double-click on the top margin to open the header toolbar
  3. Check the box next to “Different first page” on the right side
  4. Enter your desired header text and formatting
  5. Double click on the header area of the second page
  6. Go to “Format” > “Headers and footers” > “Remove header” to delete the header from subsequent pages

Key Points

  • The “Different first page” option allows you to have a distinct header on only the first page
  • After entering the header text on the first page, you need to manually remove the header from the other pages
  • This feature eliminates duplicate headers and keeps the focus on the document content
  • It’s a common requirement for professional reports and documents to have a header only on the first page

So in summary, enable the “Different first page” checkbox when inserting your header, then delete the header from the second page onwards. This will make your header appear only on the first page of your Google Docs document.