How to Make a Calendar in Google Docs

Image 089 How to Make a Calendar in Google Docs

Creating a calendar in Google Docs is a great way to organize your schedule and plan out events. With just a few simple steps, you can make a customized calendar that fits your needs.

Getting Started

To begin, open a new Google Doc. You’ll then want to change the orientation of the document to landscape mode, which works better for formatting a calendar. To do this, go to File > Page setup and change the orientation.

Next, add a table by going to Insert > Table. The number of columns and rows will depend on the type of calendar you want to create.

  • For a basic monthly calendar, make a table with 7 columns and 6 rows.
  • For a full year calendar, you may want 12 columns (one for each month) and however many rows you need to fit each month.

Inserting Dates

After inserting the table to your Doc, start adding dates. Type the name of the month at the top of each column. Then enter the days of the week in the first row.

You can get creative with formatting by making the text bold, changing colors, adding borders to cells, etc. This helps distinguish the header rows and makes your calendar aesthetically pleasing.

To quickly populate all the dates for the month, begin by typing the first date in the corresponding cell. For example, if creating a March calendar, type “1” in the cell next to Sunday, March 1.

Next, highlight all the date cells for that month by clicking and dragging your cursor. Then go to the bottom right corner of the selected area, where you’ll see a small blue square appear. Click and drag that downwards until all the cells contain dates.

Repeat this process for each month you add to your calendar.

Customizing Your Calendar

A Google Docs calendar template gives you lots of flexibility in terms of customization. Here are some ideas:

  • Change background colors for different months or seasons
  • Add holidays by typing the holiday names directly onto the relevant dates
  • Include images by inserting them next to month headers or in certain cells
  • Create a legend that defines special formatting, like highlighting certain days of the week or using icons to denote specific events
  • Add additional rows for notes or reminders about events happening each day or week

Feel free to get creative with fonts, images, spacing, dividers, and any other formatting that personalizes your calendar!

Sharing and Exporting Your Calendar

The great thing about using Google Docs to make a calendar is that it exists in the cloud, making it easy to access and share from anywhere.

You can share your calendar with others by clicking the Share button in the top right and entering email addresses. This allows people to view, download, and sometimes edit the Doc depending on your settings.

Alternatively, you can export your calendar into other formats like PDF or image files using File > Download. This lets you print physical copies to hang up or share offline.

Additional Tips

Here are some final tips when creating calendars in Google Docs:

  • Name your document something like “2023 Calendar” so it’s easy to identify
  • Use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) to quickly copy and paste dates across months
  • Create templates for different calendar layouts you can reuse each year
  • Enable version history in case you need to revert back to an older copy
  • Use add-ons like Calendar Tools for Docs for more advanced formatting

With a few simple steps, you can customize beautiful and functional calendars to organize all your important events. So try out Google Docs the next time you need to schedule, share and collaborate!

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Docs Calendars

How do I create a weekly calendar in Google Docs?

To make a weekly calendar, insert a 7 column x 6 row table. Type the days of the week across row 1. Then in the first column, type the start date of the week you want. Highlight the date cells and drag the blue square in the bottom right corner down to populate the dates chronologically.

Can I connect my Google Calendar to a Google Doc?

There is no direct way to connect your Google Calendar to a Docs calendar. However, you can manually copy over events from your Google Calendar when creating a calendar in Docs. You also have the option to share your Docs calendar with others or export it into Google Calendar file formats.

Is there an easier way to make calendars in Google Workspace?

Yes, using Google Sheets to create calendars can be easier than Google Docs. With Sheets, you can automatically populate dates, link cells to display dynamic data from other sheets or your Calendar, and create templates to reuse each year. There are also more calendar-specific add-ons.

Can I create other templates like schedules or planners in Docs?

Absolutely! Google Docs tables allow you to structure any type of template by customizing columns, rows, text, colors, and more. So get creative building weekly schedules, editorial calendars, budget spreadsheets, goal trackers, and other productivity templates.

What are some good uses for a Google Doc calendar?

Some examples include an editorial/content calendar to map blog posts or social media updates, an events calendar to share among a team or family, a schedule template for shifts or classes, a fiscal year planning calendar for business, and even travel itineraries to share online.

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