How To Insert a PDF Into Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers a wealth of capabilities that can be utilized to manage information. One of these one-of-a-kind advantages is the capability to quickly and easily insert a PDF file into a document that was created in Word. The process requires a few simple steps.

You may make inserting a PDF file into a Word document much more straightforward by doing so as an object. If you carry out these steps, the PDF will be included in the word document. This indicates that any changes made to the source PDF file will not be reflected in the embedded file within the Word document unless you link to the source file, a process we shall discuss in more detail later. Here are the steps:

1. When ready, open the Word file and put the cursor where you want to add the PDF file. Click the Insert tab next.

2. Next, in the Text group, click Object.

3. Now, you’ll see the Object window. Click the Create From File tab and then Browse.

4. Find where the PDF is stored, click on it, and click Insert.

4. Now, the PDF will be put into a Word doc.

Now, you must decide if you want to 1) link directly to the source file or 2) show the PDF as an icon. Linking directly to the source file is a good idea if you want any changes made to the source file to be reflected in the PDF file you inserted. Make sure this option is turned on if that’s what you want.

You can show the PDF as an icon if you don’t want to take up too much space on the page. If you don’t turn on any of these options, the PDF will be shown in its entirety on the Word document, and any changes you make to the source file won’t be reflected.