How to Get Microsoft Word for Mac as a Student

348089 How to Get Microsoft Word for Mac as a Student

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular and widely used word processing software. As a student, having access to Word on your Mac can be extremely beneficial for writing papers, creating presentations, analyzing data, and more. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get Microsoft Word on your Mac as a student.

Verify Eligibility for Free or Discounted Version

Most colleges and universities have agreements with Microsoft to provide free or discounted copies of Microsoft Office and Word to their students.

To check your eligibility:

  • Go to and sign in with your school email address.
  • If eligible, you can access the free online version or purchase a discounted version.
  • Check with your school’s IT department if you need clarification. Some schools provide the full Office suite for free.

Purchase Discounted Version

If your school does not provide Office for free, you can purchase a discounted version through Microsoft Store for Education:

  • Go to and sign in with your school email address to verify eligibility.
  • Once verified, you can purchase Office 365 University for $79.99. This allows install on 1 Mac and 1 PC, plus 1 TB cloud storage.
  • Office Home & Student 2021 for Mac is also available for $149.99 for one-time purchase.

Make sure to use your student email address during checkout to get the discounted pricing.

Download and Install

Once purchased, go to your Microsoft account dashboard and click “Install Office” to download.

On Mac:

  • Select the Office for Mac option.
  • Open the downloaded .pkg file and follow prompts to install.
  • You may be asked to sign in with your school email address after installation.

On Windows running on Mac:

  • Use Bootcamp or virtualization software like Parallels Desktop to install Windows.
  • Download the Windows installer from your Microsoft account.
  • Run the .exe file and follow prompts.

Activate Software

After installation, open any Office app like Word on your Mac. You may get a prompt to activate your software:

  • Sign in using your school email address to activate.
  • Click “Activate” if asked to associate product key with school account.

You only need to do this process once to activate the subscription. The apps should then launch without activation prompts in the future.

Use Full Features of Microsoft Word

With Microsoft Word installed and activated on your Mac, you can now enjoy all the powerful features that make Word the top word processing software:

  • Templates – Beautiful resumes, reports, letters, and more
  • Live collaboration – Real-time document editing with others
  • Reference tools – Citations, table of contents, bibliography, etc.
  • Review tools – Comments, tracking changes, comparing docs
  • Publishing – Format print booklets, digital PDF exports, ebooks
  • Data analysis – Charts, formulas, pivot tables
  • And much more!

So get ready to write your next research paper, job application, or thesis with the fully-featured Microsoft Word application on your Mac as a student!

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you face any issues setting up Office with your school account:

Can’t sign in?

  • Use your full school email, not just username.
  • Make sure you’re online and enter the correct password.
  • Contact school IT if all else fails.

Activation not working?

  • Try activating directly from Word in the top menu: Word > Activate
  • Verify that you’re signing in with school credentials.
  • Request a new product key from your school if needed.

Installation issues?

  • Temporarily disable security software during install process.
  • Ensure Mac meets minimum system requirements.
  • Download the installer again and retry.

Apps stuck “verifying”?

  • Update Mac and Office to latest versions.
  • Check for conflicting software or fonts.
  • Contact Microsoft Support for further troubleshooting.

Useful Alternatives

While Microsoft Word is the most feature-rich word processor for Mac, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Pages – Free word processor from Apple. Great if already using other Apple productivity apps.
  • Google Docs – Powerful free online word processor. Best for web-based workflows.
  • LibreOffice – Open source Office suite. Fully-featured and available for free.
  • WPS Office – Freemium Office suite with free word processor. Good low-cost option.

Evaluate your specific needs and compatibility requirements when choosing the best writing software for your Mac. For most college students, getting access to Microsoft Word is still the top choice for its versatility, compatibility, and advanced capabilities needed for academic work.

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